Finding and Adopting Dogs for Sale


Authored by Rodney Southern in Dogs
Published on 03-06-2009

Many people try to find dogs for sale every day. Sometimes it can be difficult to find dogs that meet your specific needs, but they are out there. You will need to take some time to search, but eventually you will find the perfect furry companion.

Finding dogs for sale in the newspaper is a good place to start. All local newspapers have a section in their classifieds for pets. It may take a few weeks of scanning the newspapers, but you will eventually find a dog that you like. Internet classifieds can also be a good place to find dogs for sale. These work just like newspaper classifieds, but they will most likely have several photos as well. If you feel that a picture is worth a thousand words, then you will most likely prefer searching for a dog using internet classifieds.

Once you have found a dog for sale that you want, ask questions. Be sure to ask about their health, vaccinations, worms, flea and tick treatments and whether or not they are spayed. Ask the owner if they have the dogs medical records and if you can have them. If they refuse to show you the dogs medical records, something may be wrong with the dog.

If you prefer a dog that is either playful or lazy, then ask about this. The dog owner will know about their dogs habits and temperament and should have no problem telling you about them. If you have cats or other dogs, be sure to find out how this dog will react to them. Some dogs love being around other pets, but some dogs don’t. Also, be sure to ask if the dog is housebroken. If it isn’t, you may have a big mess on your hands once you take the dog home with you.

When you find a dog for sale that you want, ask the owner if you can stop by and spend a little time with the dog. It is essential that you take a little time to interact with it to see if you and the dog are a good fit for each other. If the dog is playful, then spend some time playing with it. If the dog is lazy, then hang out with it for a bit and pet it. If you and the dog don’t mesh after a little bit of time then this may not be the dog for you. Also, if the owner refuses to let you spend some time with the dog, they may be trying to hide something.

Finding dogs for sale is the easy part. The hard part comes when you start going to see the dogs. You can’t have them all so you must stick to your wants and needs when picking out a dog. I would also recommend that if you have other people in the house with you that you bring them with you. They will be living with the dog too, so it is important that they mesh well with the dog. Once you find and adopt the perfect dog, be sure to give it all of the love and attention it needs and deserves.


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