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Finding Answers before You Have a Cosmetic Surgery

Before you decide to have cosmetic surgery, you need to ask yourself whether it is the right option for you. You also need to discuss your expectations with the surgeon. This will help you understand whether your decision is appropriate. Here are a few things that may help you in making this decision.

The first thing you need to understand is that cosmetic surgery is primarliy done for psychological or social reasons. In most cases, it does not have any functional purpose. You have to be honest with yourself before making any decision. It is necessary to focus on two important questions –

What is your motivation for the surgery?

You need to find the answer to this question on your own. Consider your present situation in terms of your personal and professional life. If you want to save a relationship or get a better job, having a facelift may not be the appropriate solution. You should only consider this surgery if a facial imperfection affects your appearance and you want to rectify it.

Keep in mind that taking a decision about a surgery in haste is often a wrong thing to do. If a certain life event, like a failing relationship, has triggered your wish to have cosmetic surgery, it is better to take your time to make this decision. It is necessary to make sure that your decision is not based on a whim.

You may decide to have a cosmetic surgery only if you think that it can rectify an imperfection or considerably improve your appearance. It is your decision, as it is your body that will be operated on. Do it only for yourself; not for anyone else. After all, you will have to live with the results of the surgery.

Is it possible to achieve what you aim for with the surgery?

To find the answer to this question, you need to talk to a surgeon specialising in cosmetic surgery in Dublin. During your first consultation with the surgeon, tell him/her about the expectations you have from the surgery. This will help them to understand your reasons for having the surgery.

Along with telling the surgeon about your expectations, you also need to listen to them to understand whether the surgery can meet your hopes. A competent surgeon will be able to tell you about the probable results of the surgery. They will also give you an overview of the risks associated with the procedure.

You need to have a comprehensive understanding of the surgical procedure before you agree to it. If necessary, you may also ask the surgeon for before and after photographs of the area treated. This will give you an idea about the results. However, keep in mind that every case is unique and the results may vary in your case.

Only an open discussion between the surgeon and the patient may help in the decision-making process. Find a competent surgeon in your area, fix an appointment with him/her and ask for every detail you want to know. Tell him/her about your expectations and listen to the probable outcomes of the surgery.

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Celia Barrymore is a cosmetic surgeon. She provides a brief overview of the answers you need to seek before you have a cosmetic surgery, like a breast enlargement or a tummy tuck. If you are considering such a surgery, you also need to find out all the relevant details, such as prices for plastic surgery, she suggests you visit http://www.avocaclinic.ie/ for further information.


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