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Finding Answers Regarding Breast Enlargement Surgery

  • By Daniel Smith
  • Published 04/25/2012

If you were considering a plastic surgery to enhance the size and shape of your breasts, it is common that you would have a number of questions in your mind. It is better to find answers to every query you have before you undergo breast enlargement surgery.

The question is – whom do you ask? You may try getting these answers from your general practitioner or from the cosmetic surgeon who would operate on you. Before you visit a clinic specialising in plastic surgery in Ireland, here are the answers to some of these.

Who may consider this surgery? Different women have different reasons for choosing this surgery. Some wish for fuller breasts to enhance their beauty, while others may need it to rectify the appearance of the breasts after a surgery for breast cancer.

What results can you achieve with this surgery? It is necessary to be realistic when you are thinking about what this surgery can do. This surgery is capable of enhancing the shape and size of the breasts to give you a better appearance.

How do you determine what size and shape of implant would be right? Your cosmetic surgeon would be able to help you determine this after an examination of your breasts and a discussion about your expectations.

What are the different types of implants? Breast implants have an outer layer of silicone that enhances firmness. The inside is filled with saline water or medical-grade silicone gel. Consult your surgeon to know which would be right for you.

Does it affect breastfeeding? Having a breast implant does not affect breastfeeding in any way. So, if you were planning to have children after this surgery, it wouldn’t be a problem to breastfeed your baby.

Do implants interfere with mammography? The implants may cause some problems when you go for mammography. It is important that you inform the nurse or radiographer about your implant when you go for a breast screening.

How much time does the surgery take? In most cases, breast enlargement surgery takes about 1-2 hours. Your surgeon cuts open the skin of the breast, inserts and positions the implants under the breast tissue or chest muscle and stitches the cuts.

Do you need to stay at the hospital? Usually, your surgeon will let you go home on the day you have the operation. Ask a family member or friend to drive you home. However, in some cases, you may have to stay at the hospital overnight.

Is it painful? This surgery is done under general anaesthetic; therefore, you would not feel anything during the procedure. However, you may experience pain as the effects of anaesthesia wears off. Your surgeon would prescribe medications for this, if necessary.

When can you resume regular life? The stitches are removed after a week; however, if you have dissolvable stitches, they would go in about 6 weeks. You may have to wear a support bra for some time. You would be able to resume regular activities within a few weeks.

Author Bio

Daniel Smith is a cosmetic surgeon. He provides tips and suggestions for women planning to get plastic surgeries like breast enlargement in Ireland. If you were looking for more details on these procedures and associated points like liposuction prices, he suggests you visit http://www.avocaclinic.ie/ for further information.



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