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Finding Free Content For Your Website

  • By Mark Kimathi
  • Published 06/26/2008
  • Article Writing

The attraction to infringe on copyrighted work to use in your website is mainly driven by the fact that these kinds of works are either demanding to create or are specialized content. Either way, there are some sources of content you can use to get copyright free content or those allowing some level of use legally. Free content is defined by Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, as any kind of functional work, artwork or other creative content having no significant legal restriction relative to people’s freedom to use, redistribute and modify the content. In particular such content is referred to as public domain. Content in the public domain by definition does not have any rights whatsoever. Such content include works whose copyrights have expired or those whose creators have expressly stated as public domain. It can be used by anyone as they find befitting. However the reworking of a public domain can be copyrighted. For example if you redesigned a public domain artwork then you can copyright the new redesigned form. So you can also get such content and rewrite to fit your website and you will be protected by copyright laws.

Unfortunately, just by the nature of such works, they tend to be old and not exactly fashionable. The alternativ

e is to use what is referred to as “copyleft” content. Though the term is not a legal term like copyright it is in common use. Copyleft content refers to works characterized by the author surrendering some but not all the rights under the copy rights laws. For example they may allow redistribution and use without pay but restrict reworking the content or charging for it. Copyleft keeps the work from completely falling into public domain. Such content is usually copyrighted under General Public License (GPL), under Creative Commons or similar agreements. You will find text or written content with minimal restrictions in article directories. Article directories are websites that hold thousands of articles on different topics in categories. You can pick any article and use in your website free of charge. Restrictions include using the articles on an “As Is” basis. Usually they carry an attribution to the author. Such article directories include EzineArticles, Isnare and GoArticles among other hundreds.

For images and pictures it becomes harder to find completely free content as they are a more specialized work. But you will get royalty free images at a fee in Stock Photos or Photo libraries. These sites include FotoSearch and Inmagine. Also recently you can get free video content at YouTube and Google Videos to imbed on your website for free.



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