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Finding the Right Chair for Your Man

How do you find the perfect chair for the man of the house? It can be a tricky decision for the homemaker, especially if he is a little hard to please about such things. However, a few simple tips can make your task easier. Here are a few things you need to focus on to find the perfect chair for him.

Keep in mind the comfort factor. When looking for the right chair for a man, it is necessary to put the comfort factor above all else. Pay attention to the following points when making the decision in this regard:

Is the seat depth adequate? A man, whatever his height and build, loves to sink into a comfortable chair after a hard day’s work. However, a chair will only be suitable for him if the seat depth provides a spacious feel.

Are the height and width of the backrest appropriate? Chairs, such as the Eames recliner, with high and wide backs help provide support for the head and the shoulders, making these good choices for him.

Does the chair have armrests? Full armrests are necessary so that his arms do not dangle when he sits. A chair with side pockets is also a good option as it will be an appropriate place for his magazines and small gadgets.

Is a footrest available? A recliner with a footrest is always a good choice for a man. This gives him the option to stretch his legs after a tiring day. A lounge chair is sure to be a favourite because of the comfort it offers.

Do not overlook the rugged looks. The looks also matter when it comes to the chair for the man. While soft colours and curved lines are feminine, rich colours and straight lines spell masculinity. Angular metal frames, leather seats and sleek lines are often the best choice when it comes to the chair for him.

Consider your budget. If possible, you may choose an iconic piece of designer furniture for him like a lounge chair by Eames or a masculine armchair by Le Corbusier. This will ensure that it goes well with your living room décor. However, if this exceeds your budget, you may opt for a chair design inspired by the classics.

Pay attention to the material and the colour. Leather seems to be most suitable for these chairs. Metal framed leather chairs offer the best of comfort and aesthetics. You may opt for neutral colours like white or black; however, rich and warm brown and beige also work well. It is better to avoid bright colours as he may not quite approve of them.

It is not necessary to include an old, battered chair in your living room just because he loves it. Try to find alternatives that look handsome and feel comfortable. It is a good idea to take him along when shopping for the perfect chair. You may also opt for online shopping, as it will give you the option to check out numerous chairs suitable for him.

 Author Bio

Rose Hamilton is the editor of an interior decor magazine. She provides tips and suggestions for finding appropriate reproduction furniture for your living room. If you are looking for design classics, such as Le Corbusier chairs, she suggests you to visit www.cadesign.ie for such products.


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