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Finding the Right Photo Frames to Gift Your Loved One

When you are planning to buy a photo frame to gift a loved one, it is necessary to consider certain factors. Before you start browsing gift shops and online stores for such products, it is a good idea to determine some things. Here is a quick guide to the things you need to decide before you make a purchase.

What is the occasion? A heart-shaped photo frame displaying a dozen roses may be appropriate for an engagement; however, it would be quite inappropriate for your friend’s birthday. For this, a sleek oval frame would be a better choice. The look and style of the photo frames need to correspond to the occasion.

What is the age and taste of the recipient? If the recipient is a near one, you would have a good idea about what he/she likes. However, if this is not the case, you need to concentrate more on the age of the recipient. A frame with cartoon characters may be a good buy for a 5 year old but, in most cases, would not be so for a 45 year old.

Would you frame the photograph? If you are absolutely sure that the individual you intend to gift to would appreciate your selection of photographs, you can do this on your own. However, it may be a better idea to let the recipient decide which picture they want to encase in the frame you gift.

How large a frame do you want? The size of the frame matters when you are picking a gift for someone. It is a better idea to opt for small frames instead of big ones, as they are easier to handle. If you intend to frame multiple pictures of different moments, multi photo frames would be a good choice.

Do you intend to buy a frame that can be hanged on a wall or something that needs to be kept on a shelf? Consider the recipient’s lifestyle to decide this. If you are choosing a gift for your uncle and aunt’s 50th marriage anniversary, a big frame to hang on the wall is a better idea than a small frame to keep on the desk or shelf.

What is your budget? If the price of the photo frame is not a concern, you may choose any product that you like. However, often you would have a set limit within which you need to find a suitable gift. It is possible to find nice frames even if you have a stringent budget. Look for sales and discount rates available from online stores to get a good deal.

What if the recipient does not like the photo frame? It is a good idea to enquire about the return policy before you make a purchase. You may take back the frame if you have bought it from the nearby gift shop. However, it is necessary to know about the details of the return policy, especially when you are buying from an online store.

A little planning is all that is necessary to find the photo frames that would make memorable gits for your near ones.

Author Bio

Chloe Evans is the editor of a home décor magazine. She provides tips and suggestions regarding the choice of photo framesto gift to a loved one.


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