Fire Ant Control And Recognition

Fire ants are among the most difficult things to find yourself faced with when it comes to pest control. Not only are fire ants capable of delivering a very nasty sting, but they are also known to attack en masse. Fire ant control actually begins with fire ant recognition.

Knowing you have a fire ant problem is generally not a problem. They are easy to recognize simply because of their aggressive behavior. If you come upon fire ants, they generally will go on the offensive and bite. Fire ants bite and then sting in succession in a circular fashion. These fire ant stings will leave red welts that are very painful.

As a rule, fire ants are about a quarter of an inch long and range in color from red to yellow. Some fire ants can be black as well. If you have a fire ant control problem in your yard, you will know it. They are not shy about showing you that they do not want to leave.

Fire ant control methods are truly hit or miss. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they simply do not. Usually, the method of fire ant control itself is more damaging than the fire ants are. Chemicals, fire, and even a species of fly that planted maggots in their systems have all been tried with limited success rates.

Fire ant control is something that really should be done by pest control specialists. They can determine the proper way to go about getting rid of fire ants safely, with the minimum negative impact on your kids and environment.

Fire ants are actually rather beneficial to many people simply as a pest control themselves. The insects that a group of fire ants consume are rather impressive, so fire ant control may not be your best option. You may decide that fire ant control is less appealing than having a much larger insect problem. Again, pest control professionals can advise you in the best way here.

If you see that you have fire ants, and you feel they are a danger to you or your family, then you should call the exterminator. They can give you the proper solutions that fit your family, and keep you safe at the same time. Do not ignore fire ants that are directly in your yard. They can be dangerous, and sometimes even deadly if someone is allergic to their stings. Children, and the elderly are particularly at risk from fire ants.

The primary threat from fire ants and lack of fire ant control is anaphylactic shock. The fire ant releases something called histamine, and this leads can lead to severe and dangerous allergic reactions in some individuals. It is much the same as some people react to bee stings. These bites from fire ants are often “en masse” and not just isolated stings.

The fire ant is notoriously aggressive in defending their “territory” so they often will attack anything or anyone that happens upon them. For this reason, it is important to take fire ant control measures if they are anywhere that you will actually come into contact with them. This is especially true if your kids are going to be in the area.


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