Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Maximize the beautiful potential of your fireplace and mantle. You can create a variety of fireplace decoration ideas that can be used throughout the year. A beautiful glowing fire does not have to be the only thing that is picturesque about your fireplace. Use fireplace decoration ideas to create beautiful fireplace settings.

If you celebrate holidays, you can use holiday themes to make your fireplace attractive throughout the festivities. At Christmas, you might want to line the fireplace with Christmas lights. Place some holiday greens around the mantle. You might want to place Christmas fabric over the mantle to add even more holiday spirit. Use the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings around the fireplace. You can place some of your favorite Christmas bulbs or other decorations on the fireplace. Use your imagination, but also use caution to ensure you do not place any materials too close to the fire.

For Easter, you can place one or more vases of daffodils above the fireplace. Lay a cloth with flowers or other spring themes on the mantle. Put some Easter eggs on the mantle or put some on the floor surrounding the fireplace. Your Easter fireplace decoration ideas should be colorful and cheerful. Around Halloween, you can fill your fireplace with pumpkins (real or fake) of all different sizes. Place some autumn leaves along your fireplace floor and mantle as well.

You can also decorate your fireplace according to the seasons. Look at nature around you in order to come up with fireplace decoration ideas for each holiday season. For instance, in the spring and summer, you can select colorful vases and fresh flowers to place around the fireplace. In the winter months, you might want to decorate with pinecones that you spray paint silver and gold. This is another good time to place winter greens around the mantle.

There are any number of fireplace decorations you can use if you are not taking a seasonal or holiday approach. Many people like to place framed photos of their family on the mantle. A different approach is to have one larger picture of the family or collage of pictures that can be centered above the fireplace. You can also place unique shapes and designs of picture frames with pictures of your family or other picturesque scenes on the fireplace for added appeal.

Candles of different shapes and sizes work well for fireplace mantles. You can select colored candles and candleholders or a variety of styles. Keep fresh flowers or even artificial varieties in crystal vases or other stylish vases. Always consider lining your fireplace mantle with either fancy or fun fabrics.

Never put too many items on your fireplace mantle. This will detract from the beauty of your fireplace. Many fireplaces are eye catching as a result of their aesthetics. Allow people to enjoy the pretty marble, brick, stone or other materials that were used to create your fireplace. Be careful not to place anything flammable in an area where flames from the fire can reach. Sit back and enjoy your fireplace in all its glory.


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