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Fish Recipes

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 07/31/2012

Fish recipes can be a lesson in futility for some. For those who are land locked, it can be difficult to find suitable fresh fish to try new recipes. It can be difficult to find anything other than traditional catfish, cod and ocean perch. A call to your local meat market may provide avenue to find your local fish dealer. Most meat markets carry a small supply of fish; they generally will not carry many which are not very generic. However, they have access to more exotic fish specimens. A call in advance can provide you with either a phone number where the fish can be found, or they can make arrangements to have the required swimmer on hand when you need it.

Fish prepared correctly can be a dieter’s delight. Anyone who eats fish regularly learns that a good piece of fish can make the difference over a piece of frozen fish which has been in the grocer’s case for months, if not years. Most fish requires seasoning, or a sauce to bring the flavours alive. This can be as simple or complex as you deem necessary. The list is only limited by your imagination, and by the recipes you find. If you grew up thinking fish had to be fried, you are in for a treat. Consider grilling fish alongside fresh vegetables for a truly healthy meal. Beware, fish tends to crumble and may fall through your grill racks. The purchase of a fish basket or similar device with some holes will prove to be very beneficial.

Fish, like steak, is better if cooked for the proper length of time. Never over cook fish or it will lose its fresh flavour, become dry, and flake apart. Read your recipe carefully, it will provide exact details on the length of time to cook on each side. Do not be afraid to alter the type of fish called for in a recipe, but be sure to allow the proper cooking time for the actual fish selected. For example, your recipe calls for swordfish, but your family will only eat cod. The cooking time for cod is significantly shorter than sword fish, so be sure to alter your recipe accordingly. When making fish substitutions, be sure to consider the final consistency desired. Some fish will flake, basically leaving you with a mashed fish dish instead of a fish fillet.

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