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Fisher Space Pen and Stylus Review


Fisher Space Pen Stylus Case

We’ve tested and written about a few other Fisher Space Pens, but today we are looking at the Fisher Space Pen with Stylus which is a nice addition to the line.  The Fisher Space Pen and Stylus is a combination I honestly never thought about, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was a must have.


Fisher Space Pen Stylus Capped

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Fisher Space Pen and Stylus was the significant weight and solid feel.  It measures only 3.75″ with the cap closed and 5.25″ with the cap posted, but being that the majority of it is made of metal, it feels very solid in your hand.  The cap slips on and off, and posts in a very snug way due to the rubber gasket on the grip section and on the back where the cap posts.


Fisher Space Pen Stylus Cap Posted

Although I mentioned the specific measurements above, the photo below shows the Fisher Space Pen and Stylus as compared to my Samsung Galaxy SIII as it sits diagonally across the screen.  With it uncapped, you can see the black grip section which is a very comfortable rubber ribbed material.  You can see the writing samples in our previous Fisher Trekker Space Pen review, so since these use the same cartridge, the performance is the same.

There are definitely no writing issues in terms of how the pen feels in your hand.  Personally I find it more comfortable to write with the cap posted on the Fisher Space Pen and Stylus.  With the cap closed, it also gives a nice little extension that makes it easier and more comfortable to use as a stylus.  The stylus tip is replaceable and it seems to glide nicely over the screen on my Galaxy and Galaxy tablet, so no complaints there.  The only very minor thing to be aware of though is that the stylus tip probably wont hold up well to the extreme temperatures that the ink has proven to hold up to.  I guess thats fine though because I’m going to guess that your tablet and smart phone also wouldn’t hold up well to those temperatures even if your Fisher Space Pen and Stylus did.

The Fisher Space Pen with Stylus is absolutely one of the nicer that I’ve reviewed.  Between the solid construction, nice flat black finish (there are other finishes too) and the reputation of the Fisher Space Pen ink, this is an awesome option for a stylus.

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