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Fisher Space Pen and The General Pencil Company


In the past we have reviewed both the Fisher Trekker Space Pen and the Fisher Space Pen Stylus, so it was really cool to get a behind the scenes look at the people and the company behind these products in the “This Built America” series.  Its kind of an online magazine article with a video spliced in, but its definitely worth the few minutes to check it out and see the humble and hard working people that put these great pens together and in our hands every day. One thing you don’t get to see though (and that is intentional) is the proprietary part of the facility where the temperature resistant and smooth flowing ink is made, its like the Coca-Cola syrup of the writing industry, top secret stuff!  Check out the article and video here.


In addition to the Fisher Space Pen Company, the series also takes a look at the General Pencil Company in Jersey City NJ.  Coincidentally I lived not too far from that facility for about 5 years right before I started writing this blog.  For some reason it appears that the audio portion of the video clip isn’t working, but its still an interesting read and its pretty cool to just watch the video of the production lines and people cranking out pencils and pencil parts.

Before heading over to watch the videos, be warned that they do each have a commercial up front, but this is some pretty high quality and nicely done content that really lets you see the nuts, bolts and human hands that are working every day so we can all enjoy some of our favorite writing tools.  Enjoy!

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