Five Best Demi Moore Movies


Authored by Veronika Fevers in Movies and Television
Published on 01-07-2010

Unfortunately when the name Demi Moore is heard more often than not it has nothing to do with her acting career. Most people nowadays have forgotten the fact that at one point she was a talented actress-not just Mrs. Ashton Kutcher. In this article I will go through the five best Demi Moore movies, and maybe we can remember her for the amazing actress that she is.

The first on my list of the five best Demi Moore movies is “One Crazy Summer”. In this romantic comedy from 1986 directed by Savage Steve Holland, Demi Moore plays Cassandra. Cassandra is a bohemian type singer-songwriter who is able to save her grandfather’s home from becoming a lobster restaurant. This Demi Moore film also stars John Cusack, Curtis Armstrong, and Bobcat Goldthwait. A must see for any fan of Demi Moore, or 1980’s romantic comedy. This Demi Moore movie is as funny as it is sweet.

The second on my list of the five best Demi Moore movies is “Ghost”. In this romantic drama, Demi Moore plays the widow of a businessman who is tragically killed over a client’s computer password. (Played by the late Patrick Swayze) Demi Moore tries desperately to move on with her life after her husband’s untimely death and calls in a medium. Ghost is a contemporary classic, and perhaps one of Demi Moore’s finest achievements. This Demi Moore movie is beautifully acted and a definite tearjerker.

“Striptease” is the next on my list of the five best Demi Moore movies. Adapted from the book written by Carl Hiaasen, this thriller/comedy proved how adaptable Demi Moore could be. In Striptease, Demi Moore plays a single mother struggling to gain the custody of her daughter by stripping for a living. This movie was as touching as it was thrilling.

The next film on my list of the five best Demi Moore movies is 1993’s “Indecent Proposal”. This film is by far the greatest performance in Demi Moore’s career. Indecent Proposal stars Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson as a young couple who are presented an opportunity to make a million dollars in one night. The “Indecent Proposal” is brought on by Robert Redford’s character as he propositions one million dollars to spend one night with Demi Moore’s character. Makes one weigh the importance of money in whole new way. This Demi Moore film is intriguing as well as thought provoking. Harrelson is also brilliant in this Demi Moore film.

Last but not least, the fifth on my list of the five best Demi Moore movies is “St.Elmo’s Fire”. As part of the “Brat Pack”, Demi Moore shines in this film. A drama about young friends fresh out of college, “St. Elmo’s Fire” is a classic and also features fellow “Brat Pack” members Emilio Estevez, and Rob Lowe.

These are the five best Demi Moore movies to date. If you are a fan of Demi Moore and have not seen these films, you should rent them. If you have seen them why not re-watch them?


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