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Five Clothing MustHaves for Stylish Men

With the designer menswear Spring/Summer 2012 collections making the rounds on the catwalks, trend setters are preparing to get the latest in chique.

Nevertheless, if you’re a guy like me who wants to look stylish without having to manically follow the latest trends, you’ll want some essential wardrobe items that will never go out of favour.

These days, I prefer to distil my personal style by dressing more classically refined on a daily basis – wearing clothes that sharply focus on quality, tailoring and versatility rather than being a slave to the fickle trends of fashion. 

If you have a similar mindset, the following guide will get you on track by describing five of the most important clothing items for men.

1 – Neutral Coat

A peacoat or simple overcoat in black, navy, grey or camel is something that every man should have, as it will not only compliment most any clothing you decide on, but will prove to be a staple either day or night and in most seasons here in the UK. An overcoat has a more formal look, while a peacoat is slightly more casual – chose either depending on your personal preferences. As a tip, your neutral coat should be a few inches longer than your suit jackets, and fitted in size so that it has just enough room to fit them under.

2 – Textured Suit

This type of suit is a seasonal style must-have, as you will wear it not only in one go but also as separate items to match different outfits. For example, in winter you would choose a textured suit made of tweeds, flannels or corduroy, then in spring the jacket will be perfect for evenings when the temperature drops. When summer arrives, a seersucker, whipcord or linen suit will leave you feeling refreshingly cool, but the jacket can be used as your go-to blazer for work or dinner at a restaurant. Essentially, because this kind of suit can be so effectively mixed-and-matched, you will be getting a two-for-the-price-of-one deal.

3 – Pocket Squares

Pocket squares used to be seen as the exclusive domain of older gentlemen or haughty toffs from Eton, but I have news for you – they have been making a big comeback over recent years thanks to top designers such as Tom Ford, Dominiqo Vacca and Michael Bastian, as well as TV programmes like Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men.

These items can really ad subtle flair to both a formal or casual look. In my opinion though the era of matching your square to your shirt is outdated – it’s much more interesting to match your pocket square to a certain colour in your tie or simply throw caution to the wind and experiment by opting for whatever colour or pattern strikes your fancy that day. A tip though is to have a few pure white ones to hand for really formal events.

4 – Brogues/Wingtips

If you haven’t heard these titles before, Wingtips or Brogues are simply the formal type of shoes that we often wear to work. Not only are they a necessity for the office, they also look good for smart-casual wear, such as with jeans, a T-shirt and a blazer. To boost their style credentials, I suggest you go for a pair of brogues that are on the chunky side. They should be sleek and streamlined enough to work with a suit, but still have a chunky enough sole and detailing to look good with jeans. Another tip is to opt for brogues in darker shades, as these tones will go with almost everything. And finally, never wear light brown shoes with black or grey pants or the fashion police will lock you away!

5 – Classic Timepiece

While many blokes will be tempted to choose a watch that has all the bells and whistles, bear in mind that such an item will clash with many items in your wardrobe. For this reason, it’s best to choose a neutral, classic timepiece that will look stylish with any outfit you opt for on a particular day – ideally it will look elegant with formal wear but casual enough for the weekends. In terms of sizing, 35mm tends to be the best for the average guy. A further tip is to choose a black strap as it is the most versatile, but bear in mind that with a simple pin tool you can change the strap to any colour that strikes your fancy.


The above guide outlines, in my opinion, five of the most crucial must-haves for every guy’s wardrobe. Whether you prefer only designer menswear or have a more easy-going mix and match approach wherever you find an item of clothing that appeals to you, with the right touches it will be hard not to look stylish.

About the Author:
Anastasia Koko is an independent fashion retailer and designer menswear enthusiast.



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