Five Easy Ways to Transform the Look of Your Bathroom

In tough economic times, bathroom renovations are pretty far down on the list of ways to spend much-needed dough. However, redoing a room in your home can be a great pick-me-up for your spirit. If you are looking for quick, inexpensive ways to boost your bathroom morale, try these five easy ways to transform the look of your bathroom.

1. If These Walls Could Talk

Painting your bathroom walls is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your space. A change in wall color can make your room look remodeled, without having to break your bank. Choose a wall color that is complementary to your existing bathroom tile, cabinets, and furniture. Satin paint finishes tend to work well in bathroom areas, and walls can be wiped clean when the paint is dry. Always choose low VOC paint that is environmentally friendly with low or no pollutants. This paint is also virtually odorless, so it is great to use in smaller spaces like bathrooms.

2. Pops of Color

In addition to using paint to brighten up your walls, you can also add pops of color with bathroom accessories. Think of your shower curtain as a decorative accent like you would drapes for your windows. Shower curtains are a great way to add a bit of artistry to your bathroom’s existing design theme. They can also provide an opportunity to make whimsical design choices. Opt for a shower curtain with a bold print or geometric pattern. Remember that fabric shower curtains should have an interior liner, or you can select a vinyl shower curtain which serves the dual purposes of form and function.

You can also use your bathroom towels and rugs to add pops of color to your space. When selecting bathroom towels, washcloths, and rugs, pull your accessory colors from the design in your shower curtain, and use colors that coordinate with your walls. Rugs are a great way to pull the eye down to your bathroom floor; however, if you have flooring that isn’t particularly attractive, use rugs in a more neutral in color, so that they blend with the flooring in order to mask imperfections.

3. Updated Hardware

Making small changes to your bathroom space, like updating hardware and fixtures can make larger, more expensive bathroom furniture look new, without having to spend a fortune on a large-scale bathroom remodel. Installing a shiny, new faucet on a bathroom vanity can make your sink and counter look refreshed. Another great tip is to install a new, modern lighting fixture over your bathroom mirror. Use energy saving bulbs for an attractive, environmentally friendly option that still provides plenty of lighting.

One of the most dramatic hardware upgrades is to change the knobs and drawer pulls on your bathroom furniture. This hardware update can give the illusion that you have new cabinets and furniture. Purchasing metal knobs and pulls can give your bathroom a clean, modern feel. If you are looking for a more casual, homey feel, try scanning flea markets, craft fairs, and antique shops for a variety of glass, and unique knobs and pulls.

4. Spa Day

Incorporating a few spa elements into your bathroom space is an easy way to add a luxurious atmosphere to your bathroom, without emptying your wallet. Think of clean, cozy, and inviting when creating your spa motif. Place candles around the room, for a bit of warming aromatherapy while you soak in the tub. You should also organize your bathroom essentials like cotton balls, cotton swaps, bubble bath, and bath crystals by placing them in decorative, glass jars. Lastly, don’t forget to purchase a soft, fuzzy robe and slippers to snuggle up in, after enjoying your home spa retreat.

5. Picture Perfect

Your bathroom is a great way to display unique artwork and family photos. Each day, a great deal of your time is spent in the bathroom, so why not surround yourself with stimulating and inspiring artwork? If you have young children, the bathroom is a great place to display fun photos of baby’s first bath, and your children swimming, or taking bubble baths. When using photos with varying themes and subject matter, coordinate them with matching frames, or by using prints in the same color tones (i.e., black and white photos, sepia tones).

If you have toyed with the idea of redecorating your bathroom, but don’t have the time, energy, or money for a large-scale bathroom overhaul, then consider painting your walls, incorporating accessories, updating your hardware, adding spa elements, and working in interesting photos and art for a quick, easy bathroom redo.


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