Five Facts You May Not Know About Houston, Texas

Authored by Mark Peters in United States
Published on 01-01-2009

One of the early major cities in the South, Houston Texas was was founded in 1836 and named for the then-President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston. Currently the city of Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and owes much of its success to two industries, oil and shipping. The city has a rich history and based on that and its geographic location close to the Gulf of Mexico has been a popular area for vacationers and other travelers for more than a hundred years. Here are five facts you may not know about the city of Houston, Texas.

1. Houston was home to the first indoor domed stadium in the entire world when the Astrodome opened in 1965. It would be home to the Houston Colt .45s (later renamed the Astros), the Houston Oilers, and many other local teams and events.

2. Houston itself is a very low level location, geographically speaking anyway. The highest point in the city of Houston sits just 125 feet above sea level.

3. From 1960 to 1997, the city of Houston had an NFL franchise named the Houston Oilers. That organization relocated to Memphis, Tennessee (and later to Nashville) prior to the start of the 1998 season. The Houston Texans currently represent the city in the National Football League. There was a prior team known as the Houston Texans during the 1970s that played in the World Football League.

4. The famed Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, popularly referred to as the Johnson Space Center, in Houston is home to NASA’s mission control headquarters. It was originally named the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC) when it opened in 1963 and wouldn’t be renamed to honor former President Johnson until 1973 which was the year he would die.

5. The tallest building in the whole state of Texas is the JPMorgan Chase Tower located in Houston, Texas. It measures in at 1,002 feet tall and is the tallest five-sided building in the entire world. The original plans were for the building to be even taller than it is, but concerns were raised by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the safety of aircraft going into and out of the William P. Hobby Airport located nearby.

The city of Houston has a thriving business district that has developed over the years to attract many companies that do business all around the world. Anyone believing Houston to be a stereotypical southern city will be sadly mistaken, though pleasantly surprised when they visit the city and find that it truly offers something for everyone. Houston has an endless list of attractions for vacationers to take advantage of; everything from outdoor recreational opportunities to cultural and historical sites and attractions abound in the city of Houston. Few people visit the city of Houston and end up disappointed in their choice of vacation destinations.


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