Five Great Arm Exercises For Women

Have you ever noticed chicken wings? They’re the flabby bits of skin on the upper arm that wobble with movement, like they are clapping. With the right exercises, chicken wings can be converted to toned arms. These exercises require dumbbells, a barbell and a bench.

1. Bicep curl

This is a great bicep toner and is easy to learn.

Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Rest your arms by your side, your wrists facing forward, and dumbbells in your hands. Your upper arms should not move during this exercise: keep your elbows down by your sides and move only your lower arm. Lift both weights up towards your shoulder, then reverse the move back down smoothly.

2. Extended bicep curl

The extended bicep curl requires greater control and can be done with more weight, as each arm is raised separately.

Start in the same position as the bicep curl, but face your wrists in towards your body. As you raise one dumbbell, rotate your wrist so it’s facing forward while the other arm stays by your side. Try to lift the weight a little higher, as if you want to lift it beyond and behind your shoulder, as this gives a tighter contraction.

3. Skull crusher

Make sure you get this tricep exercise spot-on to really gain the benefits. Use a very light barbell when you first try this exercise.

Start by lying on a flat bench with the barbell behind your head and use a narrow overhand grip on the barbell. Position the barbell over your shoulders, with your arms extended up above you. Keeping your upper arms as straight as possible, bend your elbows so that your forearms are moving towards your forehead. Before the barbell reaches you, extend your arms once more.

4. Close grip bench press

This exercise is the typical tough-guy-getting-fit one seen in movies.

Start by lying on a flat bench with a medium barbell on the rack. Use a shoulder-width grip to push the barbell up until you arms are locked, then lower it down slowly, keeping your elbows close to your body. Just before the barbell reaches your chest, push it up again. Make sure you use your arm muscles and not your chest muscles.

5. Kickback

This exercise can be altered for a harder workout, as described below.

Start by kneeling one leg on the bench and placing the other leg beside the bench. If your left leg is on the bench, lean your left hand on the bench with your arm extended so that your back is horizontal.

With a dumbbell in your other hand, lift your upper arm backwards so that it is parallel to the floor and your elbow bent at a right angle towards the floor. Extend your lower arm so that it to is parallel with the floor, then lower, without moving your upper arm. For a greater range of motion, your upper arm can be positioned with your elbow slightly higher than shoulder.


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