Five Great Children’s Bible Stories

Trying to relate the Bible to your children is one of the more complicated things that we do as parents when they are young. Not every story in the Bible is easy for a child to understand. Still, there are a great many children’s Bible stories that teach the essence of God’s love. The key is to deliver those stories with a clear telling, and to allow the child to ask plenty of questions. Here are five great children’s stories from the Bible that you can share with your child:

One of the first Bible stories that children are told is the story of Daniel and the Lion’s den. This story is great for kids because it has adventure with the Lions, and is a great portrait of how to have faith in God even when we are at our lowest. This wonderful Bible story is one of the best for kids, and teaches a wonderful lesson as most Bible stories do.

Another wonderful children’s Bible story is the story of Moses. The story is a bit on the heavy side, but it is a very important introduction to the Exodus that follows, and Moses’ important role in God’s plan for the Israelites. The story is usually very interesting to kids as it has tons of adventure and excitement. Make sure that you spend plenty of time explaining how God tried to get the Pharoah to accept the Israelite’s release before he sent down the various plagues.

Another great children’s Bible story is the story of creation. The creation of all the things of the world is fascinating to anyone, and kids seem to relate to the story in a big way. It is odd that kids tend to accept the creation of the earth by God easier than adults. Perhaps they are simply not jaded by the horrors of life yet, or is it simply that a child’s heart is more open to hearing the Lord? Either way, the story in Genesis about how the world was created is a must for any child.

One of my favorite children’s Bible stories growing up was always that of Joseph. It is a wonderful story of how forgiveness can bring you closer to God. The way that Joseph embraces his brothers even after they had sinned so badly against him is a wonderful lesson for any child. It also speaks of God’s love and deliverance from hopeless circumstances. We all face those in life, and it is nice to know that God is there when they come.

Finally, you simply have to relate the story of Jesus’ birth to your children. This miracle makes for a wonderful story at Christmas, or really at any time of the year. Jesus’ birth was the absolute centerpiece for the New Testament, as well as mankind’s salvation. Children are fascinated by the story, and will easily pick up on the simple lesson of love that it inspires. Take care to spend plenty of time answering questions after this one, as it can sometimes confuse children in parts.


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