Five Great Places To Visit In And Around The Trenton, New Jersey Area

There are a number of great vacation destinations located in the Northeastern United States. From New York City to Boston, the Northeast is home to some of the most beautiful and historically significant areas of the entire United States. Trenton, New Jersey may not be at the top of the list of many people when they think of places to travel to, but there are a surprising amount of things to do there that would occupy and entertain even the pickiest of visitors. Trenton played an important role in the early formative days of America, and there are a number of important sites to visit where visitors to the city can see and learn about the town’s past. The city of Trenton is uniquely positioned to be both a great place to visit itself as well as a great place to headquarter when visiting the many cities and sites that are all within an easy drive of the city itself.

Here are five great places to visit in and around the Trenton, New Jersey area.

1. Old Barracks Museum

There are a number of historical sites worth visiting in the United States, but the Old Barracks Museum is one of the most unique for a very important reason. The Old Barracks Museum is the only remaining British Army barracks left over from the Revolutionary War. This is a great opportunity for anyone with even the most remote interest in history, particularly American military history, to get a look at one of the most famous wars in the history of the United States from a completely new and different perspective. The museum is of first class quality too, taking great pains to bring this unique look at the American Revolutionary War to its daily visitors.

2. Trenton Battle Monument

Located within the city of Trenton, the Trenton Battle Monument commemorates the Battle of Trenton, one of the most important battles of the American Revolutionary War. The monument stands one hundred and fifty feet above the ground and sits at a great location that overlooks the entire city of Trenton and the original battlefield of the Battle of Trenton. An elevator is enclosed in the monument that takes visitors up to the observatory space at the tops so that they can enjoy the great view from above. Sitting above the observation station is a thirteen foot tall bronze statue of General George Washington as he appeared at the time directing his army. This is a unique and rare opportunity to visit a monument to a major historical event that is not given enough attention during today’s era.

3. New Jersey State Museum

One of the best museums in the state of New Jersey is in fact the New Jersey State Museum located in Trenton. The museum is home to a replica of a Hadrosaurus, which in 1991 was named the state’s official dinosaur. A specimen of a Hadrosaurus was found in Haddonfield in 1858 and was a famous discovery. The museum is also home to a great number of artifacts dating back to the earliest days of New Jersey. There is also a one hundred and fifty seat planetarium that is perfect for video displays of the solar system and more.

4. New Jersey State House

Trenton is home to the second oldest state house that has been used continuously for legislative purposes in the entire United States. Constructed in 1792, shortly after the New Jersey Legislature was moved to the city of Trenton, the New Jersey State House is one of the most architectually beautiful buildings from that era in the area and is available to see both on a visitor’s own as well as through official tours.

5. Ellarslie Mansion – Trenton City Museum

Originally a summer vacation villa, Ellarslie Mansion now houses the Trenton City Museum. The museum not only houses many artifacts and documents associated with the early era of the city of Trenton, but it is also home to an amazing display of the tableware and artware famous produced in the ceramic industry long associated with the area. These permanent displays, along with the beautiful building itself and the rotating exhibits regularly displayed that further explore and explain life during the early days of Trenton have helped this to become known as one of the better city museums on the East Coast.

There are a number of reasons to visit the city of Trenton, but the first and foremost one is to experience not only the historically significant side of the city but the classic Northeastern charm of the area as well. Trenton has played host to many travelers in the past, both modern day vacationers as well as revolutionary soldiers. A visit to the Trenton, New Jersey area is well worth the time for anyone lucky enough to make the journey. The city of Trenton has the ability to entertain and occupy any visitor that heads its way.


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