Five Great Places To Visit In Boise, Idaho

Other than that it is the capital of the state of Idaho, many people don’t know too much about the city of Boise or its surrounding area. Boise has a rich history in terms of settlement of the west and is today the largest city in the United States found between Salt Lake City, Utah and Portland, Oregon. In recent years, Boise has earned a reputation as being a great place to start a business. Boise also has an excellent environmental reputation among cities in the Western United States of America. On top of all that, the city of Boise and the surrounding area really is one of the more beautiful areas in the entire country. Here are five great places to visit in Boise, Idaho.

1. Idaho Botanical Garden

One of the most beautiful areas in the entire region surrounding Boise is the Idaho Botanical Garden. The organization and display of the exhibits is truly fantastic and show the care that is taken by those responsible to make this a lovely place for anyone to visit, whether from the area or visiting there for the first time.

2. Old Idaho Penitentiary

That’s right, visit Idaho and go to jail. A real hidden gem in terms of places to visit in the Boise area is the Old Idaho Penitentiary. This is a great historical site that allows visitors to get an up close and personal look at what life was like in the olden days of the west from the perspective of both a lawman and a law breaker.

3. Boise River Greenbelt

Any visitor to the Boise area who is looking for a way to get away from the urban setting, but doesn’t want to trek too far will be extremely happy to learn of the existence of the Boise River Greenbelt. Boise is a lucky city in that city planners have set aside this beautiful area filled with more than 25 miles of biking, hiking, and jogging paths for use by both residents and visitors to the community. A great chance to get some fresh air and see a slice of daily life in the Boise area.

4. Hulls Gulch Nature Trail

With access available to hikers of the most novice level of ability, Hulls Gulch Nature Trail is a great place to spend time while visiting or traveling through the Boise, Idaho area. Hull’s Gulch offers visitors a firsthand look at the natural surroundings of the Boise area. There are many chances to see local wildlife from this popular nature trail as well.

5. Snake River Birds Of Prey National Conservation Area

Located a little over thirty miles south of Boise, the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area is one of the hidden treasures of Idaho. The area covers well over 400,000 acres of natural habitat and is home to North America’s largest concentration of nesting raptors. The Snake River area is a fascinating one to explore from a pure scenic view as well. With boulders the size of houses and evidence of massive geological events from long ago in history, in many ways setting foot in the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area is like stepping back in time.

While many people wouldn’t necessarily put Boise, Idaho at the top of their list as a place to visit, the city and surrounding area prove itself time and time again as having more than enough to offer to satisfy the pickiest of travelers. From cultural and historical sites to an incredible selection of outdoor recrational opportunities and natural attractions, Boise is an area of the country that should not be missed. The city of Boise and the surrounding area truly offers something for almost any traveler who comes its way.


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