Five Great Places To Visit In Jacksonville, Florida

Some of the most popular tourist destinations, especially on the East Coast, reside in the state of Florida. From Disney World to the beaches of Miami, Florida has some of the hottest hot spots in the entire United States. There are also many overlooked areas of Florida that most vacationers don’t think of first when planning a trip. The Jacksonville, Florida area has many great attractions to offer visitors that frequent the area. The region is home to fine dining, wonderful shopping locations, and great natural resources and attractions.

Here are five great places to visit in Jacksonville, Florida.

1. Atlantic Beach

Consistently rated as the top beach area in Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach is not the most crowded beach in the area but it is a favorite of both vacationers and locals alike. Great swimming, surfing and kayaking opportunities abound at Atlantic Beach. There are more popular beaches in Florida a little farther south, but many people often overlook some great spots in the Jacksonville area.

2. The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens

A great place for the whole family to spend the day at is The Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens. More than 70 acres of pathways, park-like areas, and wild animals serve as a wonderful backdrop for a fun and adventurous day for everyone who visits this wonderful wildlife refuge. The zoo caters to a wide array of visitors from a whole spectrum of age groups.

3. Jacksonville Riverwalk

Originally designed to only be present on the south bank of the St. John’s River, the Jacksonville Riverwalk stretches over a mile and provides a great view of the city, the waterfront, the lifestyle of the area and all that Jacksonville has to offer. Many businesses and attractions offer services to those that frequent the Riverwalk area regularly.

4. Kingsley Plantation

A fairly recent acquisition of the National Park Service, Kingsley Plantation is the oldest plantation house still standing in the state of Florida. The 60 acre park surrounded by forestland is a great way to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of plantation-era Florida. With working interactive exhibits and artifacts from the actual time of its operation as a plantation, Kingsley Plantation is a living history lesson waiting for all those that choose to visit it.

5. Little Talbot Island State Park

One of the nicest camping opportunities in the Jacksonville area can be found at Little Talbot Island State Park. But this little gem of a state park has much more than camping to offer. Families can check out the wildlife on the island including river otters, bobcats, birds, and rabbits. There are also a number of activities for those interested to participate in like fishing, hiking, canoeing, bird watching, swimming and surfing.

Jacksonville has the ability to offer a wide variety of attractions and destination-type experiences to all those lucky enough to visit the area. While not the most popular destination in Florida, there are some wonderful things to do in and around Jacksonville that many travelers overlook. It surprises many people to learn that Jacksonville is actually the largest city in Florida, in terms of both area and population. The city uses that size to its benefit in that from professional sports to tourist attractions it has made a name for itself as a city that can compete with any other city in the country on almost any level. Jacksonville, Florida is truly a place worth visiting no matter what a traveler’s interests are.


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