Five Great Places To Visit In Phoenix, Arizona

Authored by Mark Peters in Arizona
Published on 01-26-2009

The city of Phoenix is located in Arizona and it surprises a great deal of people to find out that it is the second largest city in terms of population in the Western United States. The city has a reputation as home to senior citizens and retired couples looking to escape the cold weather of the north. While there is a large population of people who fall into the older age groups, Phoenix is also home to a lively entertainment, business and tourist industry. The city takes advantage of its well deserved reputation of having year round warm temperatures by offering a number of outdoor recreational opportunities that help visitors and locals alike enjoy the sun and warmth of the area. Phoenix has a rich history with many ties to the American Old West, Native American settlements and early exploration by European settlers.

Here are five great places to visit in Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Camelback Mountain

For any visitor ot the Phoenix area that has an interest in getting outdoors and experiencing the natural wonders found there, a trip to Camelback Mountain is a necessity. The accessible area has miles of hiking trails and many reward the hiker with wonderful views of the beautiful city of Phoenix and the surrounding area.

2. Ponderosa Stables

For a truly unique and amazing experience, visitors to the Phoenix area should head out to the Ponderosa Stables and view the surrounding land how it was largely seen back in the early days when settler came to the area, from horseback. An incredible amount of fun for the whole family can be had at this very popular “old west” attraction.

3. Hall of Flame Museum of Firefighting

One of the best specialty museums in the entire United States, the Hall of Flame is the world’s largest museum devoted to the history of firefighting. Its a great place for the whole family to visit and learn the type of information that cannot be learned elsewhere.

4. Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is home to more than 120 acres of some of the best wildlife exhibits available in the United States. The trails at the zoo lead visitors past an African savanna exhibit, through a tropical rainforest exhibit, and past many individual animal exhibits like baboons and giant Galapagos tortoises.

5. Heard Museum

There is not a finer collection of Native American art and cultural artifacts in the United States than that which is housed in the Heard Museum in Phoenix. The Heard Museum even features live demonstrations and performances by contemporary Native American artists. Truly one of the more fascinating museums to visit.

Few people are ever disappointed with a visit to the city of Phoenix. Despite its reputation as an area frequented by retired people, the city has a great many attractions especially suited for people of various age groups. Anyone interested in history, particularly old west or early American history, will be more than satisfied with the great number of museums and historical sites to visit. Phoenix offers a great many outdoor recreational opportunities, and thanks to the mild weather during the winter months, many of these activities can be participated in all year long. A visit to Phoenix is a great choice for anyone looking for their next vacation destination.


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