Five Great Places To Visit In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Most people do not think of Pittsburgh as a vacation destination. There are many people though, those that live in the Pittsburgh area and those that travel there regularly, that would disagree. Pittsburgh’s large selection of outdoor recreational opportunities, museums, cultural centers, shopping venues, and historical sites, are more than enough to satisfy and occupy even the pickiest of travelers. When it comes to offering a wide variety of attractions, few cities can match what Pittsburgh has to offer.

Here are five places that anyone lucky enough to be a visitor to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania should definitely take the time to visit:

1. Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

A great place for the entire family, the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium is a true rarity when it comes to American wildlife exhibits. Very few zoos and aquariums are housed in combined facilities in the United States, but the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium takes advantage of its unique setup and delivers an experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

2. Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

With its wide array of hands on exhibits that it makes available to children of all ages, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is one of the most popular stops in the city of Pittsburgh. Kids love absolutely everything in the museum, and they don’t even realize they’re learning while they’re having all that fun.

3. Duquesne Incline

Anyone wondering what it must have been like to ride a cable car up historic Mount Washington in the late 1800s need wonder no more. Visitors to the city can take a ride on a historic cable car to a location where they can enjoy an incredible view of Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

4. Carnegie Museum of Natural History

One of the best equipped natural history museums in the country, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History is perfectly suited to entertain, inform, and truly captivate all who enter its doors. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History tackles the subjects of Anthropology, Earth Sciences, and Life Sciences, and tackles them well. A great many things can be learned in just one visit there.

5. Station Square

For anyone wanting to venture outside of the walls that make up a museum or other attraction, a great time can be had in the Station Square area of Pittsburgh. This historic district is home to many specialty shops and unique restaurants, the kind that cannot be found elsewhere in the city.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is known as an industrial town. It has longstanding ties to the steel and aluminum industries, not to mention manufacturing as well. While it is true that this history plays a large part in the make up of the city, Pittsburgh is much more than that. It also has a long history of cultural and historical achievements and features too. A visit to the city of Pittsburgh usually packs more into it than most people expect. From the museums and science centers to the beautiful parks and enticing shopping attractions, Pittsburgh offers something for everyone who visits there.


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