Five Great Places To Visit In Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is one of the more beautiful major cities that anyone could visit in the entire United States. The city offers not only everything that people have come to expect from an American urban population center, but also gorgeous surroundings and a clean environment as well. Portland was incorporated in 1851 and grew from what was originally a shipping based community into a major international city with ties to varioius markets around the world. Portland and the surrounding area has long embraced, and been embraced by, the environmental movement. This has lead the city to be on the cusp of many new energy related technologies. The city of Portland also has many outdoor recreational opportunities as well with its placement so near to the Columbia River, the Willamette River and Mt. Hood. A visit to Portland is a great way to spend a vacation or extended weekend holiday.

Here are five great places to visit in Portland, Oregon.

1. International Rose Test Garden

A visit to the International Rose Test Garden will not only enable visitors to see some of the most beautiful roses in a peaceful setting, but it is quite possibly one of the best free attractions in the entire city of Portland. If a traveler is lucky enough to visit the gardens on a clear day, the beautiful sights will not stop within the borders of the garden as Mt. Hood will also be visible off in the distance towering over the city. This is a popular attraction for both locals and those that are new to or are visiting the area.

2. World Forestry Center Museum

One of the best specialty museums in Portland is the World Forestry Center Museum. A great deal can be learned about the history of the forestry industry with a quick visit to this museum that prices itself on the number of interactive exhibits it has. The museum has a number of forest conservation attractions that detail and explain how modern forestry can continue to provide the wood products that the industry requires while still leaving the forests in as natural of a state as possible.

3. Pittock Mansion

Portland pioneer, and owner of the newspaper The Oregonian, Henry Pittock is gone but his turn of the century mansion is still here for the many visitors to the city of Portland to enjoy. Architectually this is one of the most beautiful mansions in the Pacific Northwest and it is regularly listed alongside many other sites as one of the top places to visit in Portland. Anyone with an interest in what life in the early part of the 20th century was like on the West Coast will love a visit to this true hidden gem of an attraction.

4. Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Named after former Oregon Governor Tom McCall, the Tom McCall Waterfront Park sits on the west bank of the Willamette River and is an important site for many local celebrations in the city of Portland. Among the many festivals held in and around the park are the Waterfront Blues Festival, The Bite of Oregon Festival, Oregon Brewers Festival, as well as many others. The park is also home to many events during the famous Portland Rose Festival. The park is popular with locals as a great place to escape the city surroundings and also popular with visitors to Portland as a place to go for wonderful views of the waterfront. Some of the important landmarks found within the Tom McCall Waterfront Park are the Battleship Oregon Memorial, the Founders’ Stone and the Police Memorial. The Salmon Street Springs is a play fountain made up of more than 130 jet sprays that artistically sprays water that can be enjoyed just by viewing it and is also very popular with local children during the hot summer months.

5. Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry

One of the top destinations for families looking to have a great time and also learn something has long been the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The museum has a number of exhibits related to everything from the natural history of the area to the early industries that shaped the state of Oregon into what it has become. The number one thing that makes the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry a top attraction though is the large number of hands on and interactive exhibits. Nothing creates an interesting and entertaining learning environment more than the opportunity to participate and see first hand how something works or worked at one time.

Portland has a number of different types of attractions, events and sites that will interest almost any traveler. From those interested in the more historical and cultural attractions to those that are interested in outdoor recreation, Portland has exactly what it takes to occupy and entertain almost anyone who visits there. The city has a number of attractions geared towards children and adults alike, and many families will find that they can create the kind of memories that last a lifetime with a quick visit to the city of Portland, Oregon.


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