Five Great Places To Visit In San Francisco

Authored by Mark Peters in California 
Published on 07-04-2009

The city of San Francisco not only offers the chance for a wonderful experience overall, but also incredible opportunities to see various features and attractions in and around the city that most people only read about or see on television. The city has the unique ability to entertain and occupy a number of different visitors from a wide variety of backgrounds in a great many different ways. Those wanting to view historical sites will be pleased beyond belief with the amount of historically significant sites available in the area. Those interested in wanting to experience the food and shopping that makes the city what it is will have more options to enjoy than they could ever dream of. Those wanting to see the many different ethnic and cultural influence that affect the city’s daily life will have that opportunity as well. The city of San Francisco deserves its reputation as one of the most entertaining cities in the entire United States of America.

Here are five great places to visit for anyone traveling to the city of San Francisco.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Most photographs of the city of San Francisco include the Golden Gate Bridge. This is for good reason as the famous bridge is one of the featured attractions in the city. Most people see the Golden Gate Bridge from the car as they’re driving across it, although this is a great way to get a look at the famous structure, there is a much better way to view it. The bridge can be accessed on foot from parking lots located at both sides. There is no better way to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge than by walking across it and seeing it close-up and in person.

2. Alcatraz

Quite possibly the second most famous landmark in the San Francisco area, Alcatraz is definitely one of the must-see sites, especially for anyone interested in history. This attraction is more than just a tour of an old prison, it is a lesson on the history of San Francisco Bay and includes a short boat ride from the mainland to the island.

3. USS Pampanito

A great stop for anyone interested in military history is the Wold War II submarine the USS Pampanito located at world famous Pier 45. Not many people get the chance to set foot inside an actual World War II submarine. Tour the living quarters, battle stations, and conning tower of this famous submarine.

4. Ferry Building Marketplace

For a real taste of San Francisco, a visit to the Ferry Building Marketplace is exactly what the doctor ordered. This attraction is enjoyable for a number of reasons in that it is not only situated in a popular historical landmark in the city, but it also has the normal foods you would find at a well stocked farmers market and gourmet and specialty foods as well.

5. Angel Island State Park

If someone traveling to the city of San Francisco is looking for a completely unique experience, a beautiful escape from the urbanized areas of the city is available via boat to Angel Island State Park. The state park is located on what is the largest of all of the islands in San Francisco Bay and is home to the types of attractions that cannot be found within the developed areas of the cities. There are historic buildings to explore, a nature reserve to enjoy, park areas to play and relax in, and trails to make use of either by hiking or biking. The views of the city of San Francisco available from Angel Island State Park are breathtaking, and also the kinds of views that most visitors to the city don’t get to see.

A visit to San Francisco is sure to be one of the best and most memorable experiences of almost anyone’s life. Between the opportunities for shopping, world class dining, experiencing historic and cultural sites, and outdoor recreational pursuits, the city of San Francisco truly offers something for everyone lucky enough to visit it. The city itself has a great feel to it and with the waterfront areas and the various ethnic areas in the city, there are a number of very interesting experiences that a traveler can have with just one visit. Travelers can safely choose San Francisco as their destination and know that no one in their group will be disappointed.


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