Five Great Things To Do During A Vacation To Belize

Authored by Mark Peters in Caribbean
Published on 06-02-2009

When thinking of a warm tropical location to spend their next vacation at, many people turn to the Caribbean. There is a good reason for this as that area of the world has one of the largest groupings of first class vacation destinations that can be found anywhere in the world. There is a small country located nearby that has been popular for decades and is only getting more popular with each year that passes by, that country is Belize. Belize offers many great attractions to those that travel there, everything from snorkeling and scuba diving to wildlife viewing and hiking. Belize is very popular with those interested in outdoor recreation in a tropical location, but it also is home to some of the finest resorts in the area. This little country is part Caribbean and part Central American which gives it a unique lifestyle and taste that is not found in other vacation spots.

Here is a look at five great things to do during a vacation to Belize.

Cave Exploration

One of the most unique experiences in Belize is exploring the caves that are found there. Belize has a large network of caves, many of which have been explored or inhabited by humans for hundreds of years. One of the most exciting ways to see the caves is by tubing down one of the streams that flows through them. Yes, there are sections of the caves here where a stream or small river enters the cave system, winds through the dark passageways, and then exits at another point farther downstream. The guides that take tourists on this fantastic voyage are extremely knowledgeable and offer information not only on the activity itself, but also the history of the area too.


One of the top attractions in Belize is the beautiful water that laps at the country’s shoreline and surrounds the many islands located there. The best way to explore this water effortlessly and see as much of the undersea life there as possible is by snorkeling. There are literally thousands of great snorkeling locations in Belize, many of them are right near the urban centers, but many of the best ones are a little more remotely located, and even located offshore. To best take advantage of these snorkeling sites, it is best to take part in a snorkeling tour offered by a local tour company. This way, visitors wanting to experience the incredible marine life underneath the surface of the water will be taken to the best spots to do so.

American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

One of the more interesting wildlife areas that is popular with travelers coming to Belize is the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. This organization is committed to preserving and protecting the American Crocodile through research and education. There are a number of ways to enjoy the facility and the surrounding area including going on a two hour jungle hike, participating in a crocodile excursion, and more. The knowledgeable and sharing staff has a great way of imparting what they know about this sometimes misunderstood animal on the public that visits there. Many of the crocodiles found in the sanctuary have been rescued or displaced from other locations. This is one of the best and safest ways to experience the wildlife of Belize.

Tropical Spa Day

One of the most relaxing days in the lives of many people is when they choose to pamper themselves with a treatment at a day spa. Imagine how much more enjoyable and relaxing that experience would be when done in the beautiful Central American country of Belize. There are a number of world class spas available in the country that make it part of their business to cater to those seeking to experience the finer things in life. Among the many choices that visitors have are the Sol Spa, Asian Garden Day Spa, and Black Orchid Spa, all of which can be found in the San Pedro area.

Belize Zoo

A great place for the entire family to visit while in Belize is the Belize Zoo. The zoo was founded in 1983 and is routinely rated as one of the top smaller zoos in the entire world. This is not a zoo dedicated to displaying the various animals of the world, each of the zoo’s resident animals is native to the nation of Belize. Most of the animals have been rescued in some way or another and their exhibits are designed in a way so that their natural habitat is very much duplicated as much as possible. This is a great attraction for those with children, as well as just those who qualify themselves as true animal lovers.

A visit to Belize can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone that travels there. Regardless if the visitor comes to this small country for their entire vacation or it is merely a stopover on a larger Caribbean cruise, there is much to see and do in this little corner of Central America. The nation of Belize has a number of natural attractions that appeal to people from a wide variety of backgrounds and there are a great many ways to go about enjoying them. Visiting Belize is easily one of the best decisions any vacation seeker can make.


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