Five Great Things To Do During A Vacation To Jamaica

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While Jamaica is possibly the most popular Caribbean destination in the United States, it is also largely unknown to the many people that seem to be seeking a once in a lifetime vacation. Whether someone is looking for a destination with an abundance of outdoor recreational possibilities or not, there are a great many things that someone can do in Jamaica that will entertain them non-stop for hours.

Go Golfing

Not the first thing that many people think about when they think of a Jamaican vacation, but the island has constructed a number of world class golf courses over the last few decades. Golfing on Jamaica is quite an experiences with the beautiful natural beauty of the island as a backdrop. Going golfing in Jamaica is a great way for a golf loving traveler to continue to pursue a favorite and familiar sport, but still get to experience the foreign country of Jamaica in a unique way. Some of the first class golf resorts and courses in Jamaica include the Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall White Witch Course, Half Moon Golf Course, the Tryall Club, Superclubs Ironshore Golf Course, and more.

Somerset Falls

The beaches that line Jamaica’s shoreline and the water surrounding the island get most of the attention of those thinking about looking into choosing Jamaica as a vacation destination, but there are plenty of other reasons too. The island has some fabulous sights to see inland as well and one of those is Somerset Falls. The falls are surrounded by lush and plentiful vegetation and are viewable from viewpoints as well as a fabulous gondola ride through the skies.

Discovery Bay

One of the most beautiful towns in all of Jamaica is Discovery Bay and it sits right on the shore of the actual bay that shares its name. There is disputed history regarding Christopher Columbus’ first visit to Jamaica in 1494. Many feel he landed in Discovery Bay while others feel he landed somewhat east of the bay. This area is home to a great many attractions including the city itself, the wonderful water and all of the recreational possibilities found there, and natural scenery that surrounds the city.

Black River

One of the most environmentally diverse areas of Jamaica is the Black River. The Black River is filled with a large number of features that cannot be found elsewhere on the island. Some of the many species that can be observed while taking a boat trip down the Black River are the crocodiles that always offer a lively show. It is possible to both rent boats or rafts for use on the Black River, in taking advantage of the area in this way, travelers can enjoy their visit to Jamaica a little more strongly.

Good Hope Plantation

While it is a great and interesting historical site that was once a working plantation, the Good Hope Plantation is also an excellent walk down memory lane. This estate was also one of Jamaica’s largest slave-holding estates and it has been kept in an amazing and beautiful condition so that later generations can gaze at its overall beauty or even use it for special retreats.

A visit to Jamaica can be the dream vacation that the traveler hopes it will be fairly easily. Many of the best sights to see on the island are of minimal distance away from the more major cities of Kingston, Spanish Town, and Portmor, among others. One of the best wildlife exhibitions that is put on on the island of Jamaica can be found at Dolphin Cove. This, the choices above, and more make up the huge to do list for those trekking to Jamaica for a vacation. A vacation to Jamaica is a wonderful way to spend a holiday adventure.


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