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Five incentive that women gain weight in summer

  • By aimeili lossweight
  • Published 04/28/2012

In summer, with the temperature and appetite reduction, this is the best time to lose weight, but there are still many people find it difficult to get rid of the worry of weight gain, let us take a look the incentives of fat in the end is , how many do you have … Air conditioning: regulation of the heat mechanism was blocked Stay long in the room, the around temperature at 20¡æ, the body’s metabolism will slow down, followed by reduction in energy consumption, to some extent, will be fat possible. The best indoor air temperature set at 27 ¡æ up and down as close as possible to the outdoor temperature, increasing the activity of the consumption of fat body tissue. Airconditioning after a period of time, must go the room temperature place take the activities, contribute to the metabolism of the body to keep fit. we have 2 day diet Hormone: control hunger The scientists also found that human leptin, also known as anti-obesity factor, is to reduce hunger hormone, which controls our food preferences. The lack of leptin like all the food, and eat a lot, and eventually became super fat.still2 day diet pills Cold: the virus can increase the fat The researchers found that a cold and sore throat virus can lead to obesity. In the experiment, a chicken and mice which infected with a special kind of adenovirus weight gain more quickly than the other chickens and mice didn’t infected with the virus,even if they eat a few. The researchers found that this virus can make the body’s fat cells is increasing rapidly.maybe need 2 days diet Diet: the key of be fat or thin The diet is still a very important factor affecting body weight. Most people gain weight is because their intake of calories from food than the body needs to. To lose 2 pounds a week (about 0.91 kg), you need less per day intake of 500 calories, or to consume 500 calories. By eating less, hyperactivity, or the best combination to achieve this goal. have a try 2 day diet pill Lack of sleep: obesity is most possible Sleep four hours a day, possible gain 73% weight than human who sleep normal. More and more evidence shows that sleep related to a variety of nerve fibers of regulating food in take. studies showed that the relationship between lack of sleep and the body of the anti-obesity factor, stimulates the appetite factor of the body which lack of sleep should be levels.Don’t worry ,still have 2 day diet lingzhi nopicture-4606837

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