Five Little Known Facts About Minneapolis, Minnesota

Authored by Mark Peters in Minnesota
Published on 01-13-2009

The city of Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota. It has a rich history stretching back to the first explorations of the area by trappers and explorers. Minneapolis sits on the banks of the upper Mississippi River and is the largest metropolitan area between Chicago, Illinois and Seattle, Washington. Minneapolis has a great deal to offer to the many travelers that head that way every year, but here are five little known facts about Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1. Minnesota is known as having more lakes than any other state in the United States of America. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that there are more than twenty lakes within the city limits of Minneapolis.

2. As long as the Mississippi River is, there is only one natural waterfall found as it runs its full course. That falls is Saint Anthony Falls and was located in Minneapolis until the falls were bypassed with a concrete spillway.

3. People from Minnesota are Minnesotans, but what are people from Minneapolis? People from Minneapolis are called Minneapolitans.

4. Though the Minnesota Twins are based in Minneapolis and wildly popular, they are not the only Major League Baseball team from the area. In nearby Saint Paul there was once a team called the Saint Paul Saints. That team moved to Chicago long ago and became the Chicago White Sox. There is a new Saint Paul Saints team, but they are a minor league team that is members in the American Association.

5. Though the television series wasn’t filmed in the city, in real life a statue of Mary Tyler Moore sits near the intersection where she was shown in the opening credits throwing her hat in the air. The show was set in the city and brought a lot of attention to it at the time.

Minneapolis has long been one of the more popular destination in the upper Midwest. The city has the ability to entertain many different types of visitors. With all of the outdoor recreational possibilities in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, it is no wonder that the city has obtained a great reputation as a must travel to spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Minneapolis is also home to many cultural and historical sites that visitors have been entertained by for years. Minneapolis is a fascinating city and a great place for anyone to visit, whether for a long weekend or an entire vacation.


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