Five Movie Goofs That Never Got Edited Out

Film directors always aim for perfection when making a movie. However, since humans are susceptible to making mistakes, that perfection is hardly ever achieved. No movie is 100 percent perfect. Some movies have a couple of mistakes, while others have as many as 200 mistakes. Film directors may expect us to turn a blind eye to some mistakes, but sometimes that isn’t possible. These are some of the best movie goofs that somehow made it pass the cutting room floor.

5) Titanic (1997)

Even though Titanic was the Best Picture winner in 1998, the move itself wasn’t flawless. Titanic had a whopping 200 noted mistakes. Many of these mistakes aren’t apparent unless you’re looking for them. Most of the mistakes in the Titanic were either factual errors or misplaced crew members. The mistake that stood out the most, revolved around Kate Winslet’s character Rose. Rose had a noticeable mole on her cheek in the beginning of the movie. Half-way through the film, the mole moves to her other cheek. This continuity error happens a few times throughout the film. Continuity errors always stick out like a sore thumb, because they’re the easiest ones to catch. The editors probably spent too much time editing Winslet’s ‘nude’ scene, and forgot to pay attention to the rest of the film.

4) Star Wars (1977)

Most goofs in the movie Star Wars are overlooked because of its Sci-Fi plot. Viewers are more concerned with keeping up with the movie’s plotline rather than pinpointing its goofs. Star Wars has more twists and turns than a roller coaster at Six Flags. Star Wars is one of the few films that have a goof that makes you laugh uncontrollably. C-3PO and R2-D2 are hiding in the Death Star’s control room. The storm troopers are vigorously searching the Death Star. Four storm troopers approach the control room ready to ambush the cowardly robots. As they make their way through the doorway, one of the troopers bangs his head on the door. The goof is hilarious and looks like a scene from the movie SpaceBalls. The trooper takes a licking and keeps on ticking. In the re-mastered version of Star Wars, the editors put a spotlight on the goof by adding a clunk sound effect. Some say the ‘head bang scene’ was done on purpose. Others believe the goof was a huge blunder since none of the other storm troopers acknowledged it.

3) American Pie (1999)

With a plot line that consists of a guy being sexually gratified by a pie, it shouldn’t be a surprise that American Pie is on this list. Steve Stifler, played by Seann William Scott, is always trying to score with girls. ‘The Stifmeister’ decides to throw one of his infamous house parties. The house is filled with women, food and kegs of beer. Steve persuades a girl named Sarah (Eden Riegel, from All My Children) to follow him to the bedroom. On the way upstairs, Sarah has a transparent cup filled with beer in her hand. Sarah has the same cup as her and Stifler sit on the bed. The camera cuts from Sarah and focuses on Stifler. When the camera cuts back to Sarah, she is seen drinking beer from a royal blue Solo cup. This error happens once more, before the scene changes. David Copperfield was nowhere around, so it’s doubtful that the cup was magical. All the blame can’t be put on the editors for this huge blunder. Riegel and Scott had to have known that the cups weren’t the same.

2) Seven Pounds (2008)

It’s hard to give a movie a good rating, when the entire plotline was goofed. Because of its vague advertising, no one really knew the storyline for Seven Pounds. Seven Pounds would’ve flopped worse than Howard the Duck if viewers knew the plotline. Ben Thomas, played by Will Smith, decides that suicide is only way he can free himself of a horrifying secret. Ben decides to save the lives of 7 individuals before he kills himself with a jellyfish. Ever since Thomas was a child, he had a fascination with jellyfish. Ben figured it would be fitting to end his life, with the thing that intrigued him the most. The plot seems simple, but there are two major errors with the jellyfish concept. Thomas has the jellyfish he intends on using in a basic tank for a week. It’s a fact that jellyfish must be in continuously flowing water. Ben’s jellyfish would have died after a day in that type of tank. Box jellyfish is the breed that Ben planned on using to kill himself. Thomas planned on donating his organs after he died. Unfortunately, the poison from a box jellyfish is dispersed to every part of the body. This would make it impossible for Thomas’ organs to be donated. The plot was a nice concept, but poorly executed.

1) Teen Wolf (1985)

The movie Teen Wolf has a mistake that surpasses all movie mistakes. This one goof turned a fun-filled family movie into a peepshow. Michael J. Fox stars as the suave wolf. The wolf helps his high school team make it to the championship game. However, Scott is the one who plays in the final game. Scott and his teammates rally together and eventually win the championship game. As the team celebrates on the court, the crowd vacates the bleachers. Scott walks to the bleachers to meet his dad Harold and his girlfriend Boof. The camera zooms in on Scott, Boof, Harold and an extra in the background. As Harold congratulates Scott, a bizarre thing occurs. The extra quickly exposes his penis and then puts it back in his pants. No one knows for sure, why this mistake was left in the movie. As they say; there are no small parts, just small actors. And from the looks of it, that extra’s penis is probably the smallest actor in the world.

Film directors normally want to make their movies as realistic as possible. Therefore including a mistake isn’t a bad idea. Sometimes those imperfections are what make a movie so memorable.


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