Five NFL Stars That Will Fail With New Teams in 2009

Every year, NFL football stars change teams.  Some succeed, and some fail miserably. There are a number of factors that can affect whether a new player will do well with a new team. Sometimes it is due to a lack of talent around them, and sometimes it is simply a bad fit. Whatever the case, every year it happens.  A player that is a star on one team will flop with a new team. This year, there is no shortage of potential players to fit this situation. Here are five NFL players who had great success with their previous club, but will fail with their new teams in 2009:

Terrell Owens – This one is pretty easy to predict as T.O. finds a way to mess up pretty much every situation. Still, it is worth mentioning that Owens was not content with the Dallas Cowboys in 2008. With Dallas, he had Tony Romo, plenty of opportunities, a great supporting cast, and the best weather. With Buffalo, he has Trent Edwards, no where near the supporting cast, and sub-freezing weather for a good part of the season. How long before Terrell Owens blows up in Buffalo?

Kyle Orton – Orton had some success in Chicago thanks to the fact that he was not asked to do very much. He pretty much was just asked to manage the game. In Denver, he will be expected to make the tough throws.  Denver is no joke when it comes to passing routes, and they do not have a very long patience line. Given this, I wonder if Orton will even start for the Broncos come the first game of the season? He is doomed in this situation in my view.

Jay Cutler – Speaking of former Denver quarterbacks, Cutler will struggle for a bit in Chicago but not because of him. Cutler is just not going to have the chance to put up the kind of numbers in Chicago that he had in Denver. This is not a bad thing for Chicago, but it will kill his fantasy football value. Cutler will win in Chicago, but he will not win because he passed for 5000 yards anytime soon.

Matt Cassell – Perhaps no other place in the NFL is more ready made for a quarterback than in New England. They have a system that made things incredibly easy for Cassell. He only had to play within the system and the players around him made him look much better than he was. Given this, the Chiefs are not the Patriots. Cassell will struggle in a big way in Kansas City. It is a virtual given.  Over time, he will be an effective quarterback for them, but this year will hurt.

Joey Galloway – Again, this is just a numbers game in New England. Galloway is used to being the main attraction, or at worst the second man. In New England, he will not be on the chart except on occasion. Given his age, Galloway will be used sparingly more than likely.  With Randy Moss, Wes Welker, and the stable of targets in New England, Galloway will get lost in the shuffle somewhat. Again, he will have some success but not what he is used to.


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