Five of the Best Rock Climbing Trips in North America


Authored by Stephanie Modkins in North America 
Published on 09-14-2009

Want to tackle one of the best mountains in North America? If so, plan a rock climbing trip to one of the places listed below. Each one of these North American mountains has the kind of terrain necessary for anyone attempting to climb the side of a mountain. Also, all five are accessible in the summer, so you can plan a vacation around them.

Mount Hood. Oregon’s Mount Hood is the tallest mountain in the state. This North American mountain is technically a stratovolcano consisting of domes, volvaniclastic deposits and lava flows. At 11,237 feet, the relatively low altitude presents a “doable” climb. Novice rock climbers can handle it with ease, which is why Mount Hood is one of the most climbed glaciated peaks in the world, behind Japans Fuji-san. It’s best to plan a trip to Mount Hood between May and July. When you are there, bring your ski gear along with your rock climbing equipment. You will want to visit one of its many ski lodges and get a chance to ride the slopes.

Mount Elbert. Part of the Rocky Mountains, this North American mountain is the highest peak in Colorado. Because of the various trails, Mount Elbert is extremely popular with locals. It is also easy to climb. Therefore, rock climbers won’t struggle tackling all 4399 meters of this mountain. Plan a rock climbing trip between June and September when the weather is the best for this type of activity.

Mount Shasta. California is known for more than just it’s sunny beaches. Mount Shasta is the second highest mountain (4317 meters) on the Cascade Range and a draw for rock climbers and hikers all over the state. What makes this locale unique is the four separate cones, which are on top of each other. Outdoors men can tackle this North American mountain all year round, but it is particularly dangerous in the winter because of avalanches. As a result, the best time to plan a trip is between May and October.

Mount McKinley. With an altitude of 6194 meters, Mount McKinley is a challenge for even the most seasoned rock climber. Called “The High One” by early Native American settlers, the weather is ever changing on this North American mountain. For this reason, the best time to tackle it is between April and June. Expect to see a ravens and finches until you reach 2000m. After this point, your rock climbing trip will consist only of snow, ice and rock.

Mont Jacques-Cartier. Available from June to September, the Mont Jacques-Cartier is best known as the Tabletop. At 1268 meters, this flat summit is the highest point in the Chic-Choc Mountains of Canada. The trails are well maintained and steep. This North American mountain is perfect for rock climbing which is why a trip up the side of it is a memorable one.

Plan a rock climbing trip to one of these North American mountains and you will have the best time. They all have their own unique flavor and amenities. So, you can tackle one each year and create enough special memories to fill up a photo album or scrap book.


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