Five of the Best Transfomer Toys on the Market


Authored by Stephanie Modkins in Toys and Games 
Published on 10-04-2009

Since the 80’s, Transformer toys have been captivating young children all over the world, especially boys. Why? They embody all that is magical about a toy. Transformer toys have lots of gadgets, colors and shapes. As a result, one toy can engage a child for hours. What’s great is that new ones come out each year. Here’s what’s hot now. They are the best Transformer toys on the market today.

1- Soundwave autobot: Remember this guy? He is often described as one of the most recognizable Transformers EVER. Guess what? It’s true. This blue giant had a monotone voice and powers to detect and jam radio transmissions all across the energy spectrum. Hasbro has released a special edition retailing for around fifty dollars. He comes with four attachments: Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ratbat and Ravage. Soundwave is one of the best gifts on the market you can give to a thirty-something who collects Transformer items.

2- Optimus Prime autobot: Modeled after the Optimus Prime in Transformers Movie 2 (Revenge of the Fallen Leader), this autobot set off the whole Transformer story. After sleeping for millions of year, Optimus Prime awoke to war and havoc on the earth. So, what did he do? He gathered together a group of the best autobots on the planet to keep us all glued to a square screen for years. Hasbro created this Optimus Prime with special features like electronic speech, light-up eyes, removable swords and moving panels and internal gears. If manipulated just right, you can turn him into a big rig. This Transformer toy retails on the market for around fifty dollars and includes two AA batteries.

3- Legends Figure Case Pack: If your child likes anything that rolls on the ground or soars in the air, he will love this Transformer toy. It features eight autobots from Transformers Movie 2 (Revenge of the Fallen Leader). All of them take the shape of either a vehicle or plane. Your child can pick a favorite Transformer from the group and share another one with a best friend. Basically, he has eight options to keep him busy for hours. This Hasbro toy retails on the market for around forty dollars. Get it as a special reward for your child.

4- Bumblebee Plasma Cannon: This futuristic gun is what autobot Bumblebee uses to blast the Decepticons. Hasbro has created one that your child can use to reenact Transformer movie scenes or create new ones for him self. Yellow and gray, this plasma cannon has electronic music, sounds and lights. It’s the ultimate Transformer gun for the ultimate “little” fan. This Transformer toy retails on the market for around forty dollars. It also includes 3 AAA batteries.

5- Optimus Prime Mighty Mugg: Hasbro has released a special edition of Optimus Prime based on the original 1980’s autobot. The colors are blue, red and gray with a hint of yellow. What makes this toy so special? The simplicity of it. This Optimus Prime comes only with a detachable cannon yet it still is ominous and powerful. Transformer collectors will want to put this on display and young children will want to add it to their toy boy. It retails on the market for around fifteen dollars.

These five Transformer toys are the best on the market today. However, there are more. Visit www.Hasbro.com to see more toys on sale.


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