Five Places to Visit in Mobile, Alabama

Authored by Mark Peters in Alabama
Published on 11-24-2008

When it comes to Gulf Coast cities that feature tons of entertainment and a wide variety of attractions, the city of Mobile is at or near the top. Mobile, Alabama is one of the top destination cities in the Southeastern United States for a reason, they have tons of things to do. The city of Mobile has a rich history and they have many featured attractions that show them off well. A trip to Mobile is a great way to have a fun and active vacation that will keep everyone in the family or group satisfied.

Here are five things that you must do when traveling to Mobile, Alabama:

1. Battleship Memorial Park – The key feature to Battleship Memorial Park is the USS Alabama, but there is much more to this incredible opportunity for a hands on look at American history than the ship itself. The park sits on 175 acres right on beautiful Mobile Bay. The park is home to a military museum, park area, paths, and of course the USS Alabama too. The opportunity to walk onboard the actual USS Alabama is something that few travelers will ever forget.

2. Mobile Museum Of Art – Anyone interested in art will have more than enough to do with a visit to the Mobile Museum of Art. A great art museum that houses a number of fine exhibits that are not seen any where else. Many people would not peg a city like Mobile as the kind of city that would have such a great art museum, and those people would be sorely mistaken.

3. Magee Farms – One of the nicer preserved historic Civil War sites, Magee Farms is the location where General Richard Taylor surrendered. Magee Farms features a historic farmhouse that has never been rebuilt. Lending to it’s credibility, nothing in Magee Farms has been refurnished or rebuilt, everything is as it was on the day of that historic surrender. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity as historical sites like this are not found every where.

4. Exploreum – A great place to take the entire family is to the incredibly exciting Exploreum. Exploreum features tons of hands-on featured attractions that kids can participate in as well as an IMAX theater on site. Kids and adults will both find something fascinating, entertaining, and informative at the Exploreum. The IMAX theater alone is worth the visit, but the Exploreum offers so much more.

5. Fort Conde Museum And Welcome Center – A visit to Fort Conde Museum and Welcome Center is like a walk back in time for any of the lucky visitors that head that way. The fort is the original site of the outpost that would one day grow to become the city of Mobile, Alabama. The Fort Conde Museum and Welcome Center offers a completely unique look at the history of the local area.

With all that the city has to offer, it is no big surprise that Mobile attracts a great number of tourists all year long. From historical, to cultural, to flat out popular tourist attractions, Mobile seems to have everything needed to qualify it as a top tourist destination. One trip to Mobile, Alabama will keep the entire family happy and make for incredible memories that last a lifetime.


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