Five Puerto Rico Beaches You Must Visit


Authored by Rodney Southern in Caribbean
Published on 03-30-2009

This winter has been harsh for those of us living in regions prone to snow. Many of us are more than ready for Spring break, and have begun planning vacations. With no need to succumb to the hassles of obtaining a passport, Puerto Rico is a favorable option to typical Caribbean locations. Puerto Rico also offers 300 miles of beaches just as scenic as other popular destinations.

Five Puerto Rican beaches in particular stand out from the rest. While all of Puerto Rico is beautiful, the beaches all have different activities to offer. In this article I will explain the various offerings of the top five Puerto Rico beaches that you must visit.

Play de Ponce: This Puerto Rico beach boasts fairly calm waters making it a great destination for swimming. Play de Ponce is located on the Southern side of Puerto Rico, henceforth the calm waters. Typically beaches on the northern coast of Puerto Rico feature turbulent water making them unsuitable for swimming or snorkeling.

Rosado Beach: If you are aiming for seclusion in a Puerto Rico beach experience, then Rosado is an ideal location. Definitely not as busy a beach by comparison to the other Puerto Rico beaches. The quiet atmosphere is excellent for a romantic weekend getaway. This Puerto Rico beach would be a great honeymoon destination.

Laquillo Beach: This Puerto Rico beach earns its spot in the top 5 for being family friendly. Laquillo beach is small child friendly and features calm waters for swimming. If you are visiting San Juan Laquillo is one Puerto Rico beach you must visit. However, as it is so close in distance to San Juan it is often overcrowded on the weekends.

Surfer’s Beach: Most appropriately named after ideal water conditions for those wishing to surf. Waters are comparable to Hawaii as far as surfing is concerned. Surfer’s beach is one Puerto Rico beach water sport enthusiasts must visit.

Boquerón Beach: Boquerón beach is noted as one of the best Puerto Rico beaches for its diversity. This Puerto Rico beach is suitable for picnicking as well as swimming. Boquerón beach is also located nearby Boquerón Lagoon which is an active nature reserve for birds. Boquerón is the Puerto Rico beach for those interested in observing wildlife while relaxing.

Puerto Rico is home to 272 miles of beaches. Many of these beaches feature white sand and the most beautiful turquoise water. No beach is exactly the same in Puerto Rico, offering diversity and option. While they are all unique, these are the 5 Puerto Rico beaches you must visit. If you are looking for a Caribbean styled experience without the hassle of the passport, Puerto Rico is for you!


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