Five Quick Ways To Get Traffic Coming To Your Website Or Blog

When compared to the building, updating and maintaining of a website the hardest thing that any website owner has to do is get traffic going to their already developed website. Much of the traffic generation process is a long and drawn out plan of constant development, building of backlinks and networking. There are however quick ways that a website or blog can grab it’s share of initial traffic, and here are five of them.

1. Becoming active on forums is a great way to get more traffic to your blog or website. There are a number of benefits that come with being active on niche forums, and one of those is traffic generation. The placement of a link to a website or blog in your signature file will make it possible for someone reading what you post to click on that link and visit your site. Becoming active on forums is also a great way to increase your reputation in the niche you are operating a website in.

2. Adding a link in the signature of your email is another great source of traffic to your website. Everyone sends email these days and whether it is directed to friends, co-workers or business associates, it can bring traffic benefits if these emails have a link to your website in the footer of it. This may sound like a very small traffic idea, and it is. But, it can grow easily to as any of those contacts that visit your site may recommend it to someone else or even place a link to it from their site.

3. Including a tell-a-friend feature on the design of your website is one more passive way to get traffic to your website. When developing a website or blog, installing a tell-a-friend feature is fairly easy and extremely necessary. The internet is not only global, it is social. Everyone has friends in real life and friends that they have made over the internet. When someone comes across your website and it makes them think that they know someone else who would enjoy it, it just makes sense to make the process of recommending it to their friends easier.

4. Providing a free ebook or how-too guide and advertising that you do so is another way to get traffic coming to your website. While the writing of an ebook is not the easiest thing in the world, once it is done it can be a traffic generation machine that you can harness to work for you. Offer it free to visitors of your website, or even better to visitors that want to sign up for your free newsletter. Now, promote the free ebook on forums and in the comment areas of other blogs related to your niche. Everyone loves getting something for free and this goes for ebooks too.

5. Becoming active in a free link exchange program can bring traffic to your website almost immediately. Exchanging links is a way to get immediate traffic because a link or banner ad that leads to your site immediately appears on the website or websites of others. Making use of someone else’s website to bring traffic to your site is an essential and powerful way of increasing your own traffic.

We told you there would be five ways here to get quick traffic to your website, but here is a sixth. If you have yet to start designing or developing your new website, think about the domain name you should purchase for it. There are a number of places online, from actual registrars to domain sales sources, where you can purchase a domain name that is already receiving traffic and already has backlinks that point to it. This will undoubtedly cost more than registering a name from scratch, but it also has immediate benefits tied to it.

Getting traffic to come to your website or blog is the most essential thing that any website owner needs to accomplish. Without sufficient traffic, no website will ever achieve the goals that the owner of it has set. Traffic generation is an ongoing process that can include hundreds of different strategies, many of which take a long time to both master and carry out. That doesn’t mean though that there are not steps that can be taken to begin seeing an increase in traffic almost immediately. The most important step to be taken though is to just get started now.


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