Five Recession Proof Jobs You Can Get Regardless Of Your Background

The recession that our country is currently facing is forcing many people to change careers and otherwise rethink what they do for a living. People are being laid off and let go at a very alarming rate. With the current state of our economy, things are likely to get worse before they get better. For this reason, people are searching for recession proof jobs. In particular, recession proof jobs that are entry-level are being heavily sought after.

The healthcare industry is one of the few careers that is truly recession proof. Regardless of what happens in the job market, people will continue to get sick and need health care. There are a number of entry-level positions within the healthcare industry. These include general laborers, phlebotomists, x-ray technicians, nurse assistants, and other similar positions. Many of these require quick certifications that can be obtained at your community college.

Another recession proof industry includes teaching. Our nations need for education will never change, and so the need for outstanding teachers will always be there. Teachers are the backbone of our future economy as well. While this particular area is not always entry-level, there are positions within the university’s that are.

The ultimate recession proof industry is crime prevention. Police officers, sheriffs, deputies, and all areas of law enforcement are all outstanding options to someone seeking a recession proof job. Many of these positions are entry-level, and require only that you are in good health and legal standing.

Much like the police department, the fire department is largely recession proof. It certainly takes a special breed of person to become a fireman, and it certainly takes training as well. If you’re willing to learn and are brave enough to run in while others are running out, then becoming a fireman may be for you.

Another outstanding industry that is largely recession proof is writing. The online world of the Internet has opened the doors of the writing world wide open. If you are able to string words together in a legible manner while remaining interesting, then there is work available for you. A simple online search of the term “writing jobs” can get you off and running in a recession proof industry.

Each of these jobs requires a certain amount of skill, but they all are valuable both to our communities and our economy. If you are looking for a recession proof job, these would be a great place to start.


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