Five Things You May Not Know About CNN

When it comes to cable news, CNN wasn’t only the first channel to come along, some say that it is the best. Regardless of how people feel about CNN, it is tough not to impact the network’s impact on television and the news industry. Though initially many thought that the network wouldn’t succeed, there have come to be many other entries into the cable news market since including MSNBC and FOXNews. CNN found it’s way into the national eye when the Persian Gulf War broke out in 1991 and the network was the only news channel that had reporters inside Baghdad, thus being the only network to offer live reports from the scene of the war. There is a great deal known about the original cable news channel, but here are five things that you may not know about CNN.

1. CNN was the first television network to break the news of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

2. CNN has employed three different on air personalities that also were involved in United States presidential campaigns as candidates; Pat Buchanan (Crossfire, The Capital Gang), Geraldine Ferraro (Crossfire), and Jesse Jackson (Both Sides With Jesse Jackson).

3. The anchors of the first newscast shown on CNN in 1980 were David Walker and Lois Hart who also happened to be married to eachother.

4. CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer won an Emmy Award for his coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

5. CNN’s website went live at CNN.com in August of 1995.

CNN has grown from a single cable news network to branch out in many incarnations like CNN Headline News, CNN Financial News, CNN Sports Illustrated, and more. Many of those channels have since been altered or canceled, but the main channel continues to thrive. From Robert Novak, to Pat Buchanan, to Wolf Blitzer, to Anderson Cooper, some of the biggest names in news have at one time or another worked for CNN. The 24 hour news channel that Ted Turner started back in 1980 has truly become a part of the fabric that makes up today’s news and information scene in the United States.


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