Five Things You May Not Know About Hillary Clinton

Authored by Mark Peters in Celebrities, Politics 
Published on 11-15-2008

There are few American political figures who are more polarizing than Hillary Clinton. As the first lady of the United States during her husband Bill Clinton’s presidency, she became the focus of groups that both respected and admired her, as well as groups that despised her and saw her as an example of what was wrong with America. Hillary Clinton is an extremely knowledgeable woman who excelled early in life as a college student and then a lawyer. She then became known mostly as the first lady of Arkansas and then the first lady of the United States. Much is known about this figure in American politics, but here are five things you may not know about Hillary Clinton.

1. A Democrat most of her adult life, in 1964 Hillary Clinton volunteered to campaign for Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and in 1968 she attended the Republican National Convention in Miami.

2. Bill and Hillary Clinton’s wedding took place in the living room of their newly purchased house.

3. In 1969, Hillary Clinton, Rodham at the time, was the first student ever to give the commencement address at Wellesley College. This event made the national news and was noted by many publications at the time.

4. Despite it being one of the most diverse states in America, Hillary Clinton is the first female to be a United States Senator from the state of New York.

5. Politics is not completely new to the Rodham family, Hillary Clinton’s father Hugh Rodham ran for public office on one occasion, for the position of Chicago alderman, but was defeated.

Hillary Clinton followed her time as a first lady who was not content to just sit back and concentrate on the interior design and decoration of the White House with a run for the United States Senate in New York. She successfully won the race and was then re-elected in 2006. The 2008 presidential race saw Hillary Clinton enter as a viable candidate and stay in it until the very end before being narrowly defeated by Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton is a trailblazer for women in a number of different ways and will be remembered for a very long time by friends and foes alike.


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