Five Things You May Not Know About Puerto Rico

Authored by Mark Peters in Caribbean 
Published on 02-11-2009

When it comes to interesting and unique locations to visit, Puerto Rico is near the top of the list. Puerto Rico has a rich and interesting history dating back to the earliest settlers and discoverers in North America. Puerto Rico also has some of the most attractive and gorgeous beaches in the entire area. In its current state as a self-governing territory of the United States, Puerto Rico is easily accessible to travelers from nearly every where. The island is one of the most well developed and modern of all of the islands located in the Caribbean Sea. A great deal is known about the island territory, but here are five things you may not known about Puerto Rico.

1. When originally discovered by Christopher Columbus, he named the island San Juan Batista after Saint John the Baptist. Though the island would later be renamed Puerto Rico, the capital city would keep the name San Juan. Columbus landed on the island during his second expedition to the New World on November 19th, 1493.

2. In 1950, members of a Puerto Rican nationalist movement attempted to assassinate United States President Harry Truman. The attempt failed, although it did result in the death of a White House policeman. There has been a long and storied Puerto Rican independence movement on the island that has attracted various levels of support over the years.

3. Though mainly covered with a large central mountainous area and two coastal lowlands areas in the northern and southern parts of the island, there are also seventeen lakes on the island of Puerto Rico. An interesting thing about the lakes of Puerto Rico though is that all seventeen lakes are man-made.

4. Athletes from Puerto Rico have the option to participate in the Olympics either as members of the Puerto Rican Olympic Team or as members of the United States Olympic Team. Many famous Puerto Rican athletes have won Olympic medals while representing either their home province or the United States.

5. One of the most popular aspects of life in Puerto Rico with both residents and vacationers alike is the temperate climate. The lowest temperature ever recorded in Puerto Rico is forty degrees Fahrenheit, and this was recorded in the mountain town of Aibonito. Temperatures recorded in the more popularly visited and more populated lowland communities are significantly higher on a year round basis.

Puerto Rico has been the subject of songs, books and movies and with one visit to the island it is easy to see why. While the scenery on the island is simply gorgeous, there are also a great many modern attractions and sites to see and visit too. Puerto Rico is packed with a large amount of things to do and truly can entertain nearly everyone that comes its way. A visit to Puerto Rico will be one of the more fun and entertaining trips that any individual or family takes.


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