Five Unique Job Searching Techniques

With the current market for jobs being so crowded, finding new and unique ways to create job opportunities can become a highly valuable skill. The key is to think outside the norm, as this is where all of your competitors will be. Here are five unique job searching techniques that could separate you from the competition on your job hunt:

Unique Job Searching Technique Number One

One of the most unique ideas for job searching that you can do is to seek out meetings in your area of expertise. Every company or job category has meetings, job fairs, or even seminars. These meetings offer up a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself and pass along a resume. The atmosphere at these meetings are usually very informal, and a hand shake and introduction can get you an interview.

Unique Job Searching Technique Number Two

Have you ever noticed those resumes that are posted on your community boards at the grocery store, library, YMCA, and so on? You would be amazed at how many hits those can get you. This only costs you a piece of paper, so why not put your name out there?

Unique Job Searching Technique Number Three

Working for free is another fantastic idea. This does not mean what it sounds like, however. When you are headed to an interview, bring a sample of what you can do that is related to the job. For example, if you are trying to become a chef, bring a fantastic dish. This can extend to any job market, and puts your talent and motivation on display.

Unique Job Searching Technique Number Four

Research the market and become an expert in your field. This is not as detailed as it sounds. Simply find out who the movers and shakers are in your line of work, and find a way to meet them. This is a strategy that has worked for years in the movie business, but it works just as well in the regular job market. Find the people that matter, and make sure they know who you are. An introduction and handshake can make a huge difference in the long run.

Unique Job Searching Technique Number Five

Take the time to involve everyone that you know. Use email, letters, phone calls and word of mouth to get the word out that you are searching for a job. Make sure you inform them of your skills, and ask for a good word if they know anyone that is looking to hire. More great jobs are found this way than any other, even though it is a job searching technique that is rarely used.

Each of these five job searching techniques are unique ways for you to stand out from the others that are seeking the same thing. With some time and effort, and a bit of creativity, you can be starting a wonderful new job with these great job searching ideas.


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