Five Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

Many people from all walks of life desire to make money online. Some are attempting to support themselves or their family by working via the internet, while others are only trying to enhance the income they already have from their regular job. Whatever the reasons, working online has become a popular thing to both do and desire to do in all parts of the world.

There are many known ways to work online and get paid for it. Some of the more popular and well known ways to make money online are through online auctions like millions do at eBay, selling books online the way many do via Amazon, and setting up a website or blog and monetizing it using a contextual advertising network like Google’s Adsense. But, limiting money making opportunities to these few but popular choices mean that someone interested in making a living online may be missing an option that might appeal to them more. The ways to make money online are nearly endless, here is a list of some of the more unusual ways to make money online that prove that almost anything can be done for profit on the internet.

Social Bookmarking Promotion

There are a number of sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, and more that offer social bookmarking services. Social bookmarks can at times bring a great deal of traffic to websites. Many website owners looking for this type of traffic often are willing to pay for social bookmarking. An internet user seeking to make money online can set up accounts at all of the popular social bookmark sites, there are quite a few, and then charge for bookmarking websites in all of their accounts.

Professional Services

There are a number of websites like Elance and RentACoder that offer people with specific knowledge or abilities to profit from them by offering them to other people who are in need of them. If a person has experience in programming, writing, or web design, they can register at just such a site and possibly find jobs and tasks that other people are offering payment for.

Blogging For Money

With the benefits of some easy to use software like WordPress, which also happens to be free, it doesn’t take long for almost anyone to be able set up and run their own blog. Once a blog gains even a modest amount of popularity, there are a number of people that may be willing to pay good money to have their websites or online business reviewed or promoted on that blog. These opportunities can be found through online forums or through websites that are designed as ways to bring together those interested in publishing paid blog posts and those interested in buying paid blog posts.

Virtual Items

There are a number of role playing games online that operate on their own currency. The only way to buy things or gain new skills in these games is to either find specific artifacts or gain more of this virtual money. There are actually people that play these games who have as their only intent to accrue this virtual money, or other virtual items like spells and weapons, so that they can then sell them to other players for actual money. While this is a hard market to break into, it is possible to make money doing this if someone has an understanding of how the game works, and which games are most popular. Many auction sites and other places that people gather to buy things at have rules against selling virtual items, so being sure of having a way to sell these items is part of the research the seller needs to do.

Selling Photos

There are a number of sites online that a user can sign up for and become a member at that allow them then to upload their own photography and make it available to potential buyers. Many people are in need of photos every day. Some use them for publication in traditional publications like magazines while others are looking for photos to use when designing their website. Most stock photo sites that operate this way allow the new member to upload their photos and when a buyer chooses to purchase it they get the money, minus a transaction fee or percentage that goes to the stock photo site itself.

Making money online can be difficult, but finding a way to make money online is not. It takes hard work and dedication to establish a formula and plan for making money online, but once it is in place it should pay off for a long time to come. There are a number of popular ways to make money online, but as shown here there are also some less popular and more unusual ways to make money online as well. Someone truly interested in making a living on the internet should get out, explore, and use their imagination to come up with a way they can make money online that fits them perfectly.


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