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Flash Drive Reviews


The Silicon Power Jewel J80 USB 3.0 flash drive (via Amazon) isn’t just another USB flash drive.  In addition to the sleek design and compact footprint; its also very durable due to its ability to resist shock, dust, and water. … [Read more…]


The SanDisk Orbit is a new flash drive from SanDisk that not only fits on your key chain very nicely, but it also comes with a built in storage solution called the SanDisk Vault to secure the files that you put on here. … [Read more…]


Here is a perfect way to literally attach some files to a document, a real document, like a physical one you hold in your hand and not one that ends with a .doc extension.  The Verbatim Clip-It 4GB USB Flash Drive is a really cool little flash drive that anyone could probably find a million uses for. … [Read more…]


A few weeks ago, my friends from Staples sent me some environmentally friendly items to review, including this Staples 4GB Bamboo USB Flash Drive.  I am a big fan of the clean and simple look that you get with bamboo products, so lets take a closer look at this USB flash drive. … [Read more…]


One major category of cool office supplies that I’ve been neglecting are office electronics, so when I recently filled my old USB flash drive to capacity, I thought it would be a good opportunity to review whatever new one I decided to pick up.  I remembered seeing these LaCie iamaKey flash drives somewhere a few months ago and I liked the idea, so I decided I would give one a try.  Lucky for me, a friend of mine that I have been helping with a project … [Read more…]

Last updated by Brian Greene at June 18, 2015.


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