Flavors and Types of Coffee


Authored by Velisa S Mefford in Food and Cooking 
Published on 05-21-2009

Ah…coffee. Known all over the world as the “elixir of wakefulness” and other variants of the theme, it is a favorite way of many people to wake up in the morning. This delightful beverage comes in a variety of luscious flavors to suit all palates. Whether you prefer your coffee flavored or straight there is a wide variety to choose from. Here are just a few of the wonderful types and flavors of coffees to choose from.

Chocolate, also known as mocha when added to coffee, ranks as one of the top favorites of coffee lovers every where. What’s not to love? Chocolate flavoured coffee is a coffee and chocolate lovers dream come true. Many types have flavours such as raspberry, orange, mint and others added with the chocolate for a delicious treat to make your taste buds sit up and beg for more.

French Vanilla is another top favorite. This luscious blend of smooth cream and delightful vanilla is a very close second only to the many variations of the chocolate flavours. For many folks it is this tasty coffee flavour that ranks first among coffee flavours.

Gotta love Espresso! This highly concentrated form of coffee is a big favorite in Europe. Served in small cups, this type of coffee is deep, dark, and strong. For many Europeans this is the only way to get that first caffeine buzz of the day to get them up and going, and going, and going.

Hazelnut is another one of the fabulously delicious, wonderful blends of coffee that is becoming a fast favorite of coffee drinkers. With hazelnut’s smooth and creamy taste many folks find this coffee’s mellow and lightly sweet flavour a great morning coffee as well as a good afternoon pick me up.

For all you almond lovers out there there is the delicious Amaretto flavoured coffees. This coffee tastes like the Italian liqueur of the same name, hence the draw for many people who like to add this tasty liqueur to an after dinner cup of coffee. Amaretto, yum!

Dark Roast is another favorite blend of coffee. Coffee beans are roasted to a dark richness that brings out the depth and flavour of the coffee bean itself. The rich after taste and high caffeine content of this coffee blend also make it a favorite for serving in restaurants as a dinner coffee.

Kona blend coffees are light on the acid content with just a slight citrus-y flavour that makes them great for adding any of a number of the flavoured syrups designed just for coffee. Kona’s very mellow flavour also makes it a favorite breakfast coffee.

These are but a mere few of the delicious and heady flavours available on the market today. For coffee lovers everywhere there is a flavour adventure just waiting for them. Visit your local coffee shop to start your adventure now! With every thing from Espresso to luscious cappuccinos and all the forms and flavours of coffee in between, you are sure to find many favorites for a lifetime of coffee pleasure.


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