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Florida Spousal Support Laws

  • By Meeghan Shay
  • Published 04/30/2012
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Spousal support is also known as alimony. If you are aware of family law and divorce law of Florida, you must know that spousal support is not something automatic under the divorce law of Florida. The court considers several things such as fiscal conditions of the spouses, the assets of the spouses and other factors to determine whether spousal support will be appropriate. The court also determines how much spousal support is required and how long should one spouse pay the alimony to the other spouse. The court can order the spousal support either in lump sum or in periodic payments.

Types of Spousal Support in Florida

According to Florida Law, spousal support can be of two types. The court can either order permanent alimony or rehabilitative alimony. Permanent Alimony: If the court orders permanent alimony, it will last as long as the receiving spouse is alive. In case if the receiving spouse gets married again, permanent alimony will come to an end. Rehabilitative Alimony: This type of spousal support lasts only for a limited time. Moreover this type of alimony is ordered with a specific intention such as to help the receiving spouse gain education and skill to become self sufficient.

Things Considered by the Court before Ordering Spousal Support:

Since spousal support is not something automatic under Florida divorce law, the court needs to consider several things to ensure that the verdict is fair to both the spouses. Some of the most important factors considered by the court include:

The standard of living maintained by the spouses during their married life • The age of both the spouses • How long the marriage has lasted • The emotional and physical condition of both the spouses • The resources each souse has • Marital and non-marital asset possessed by each of the spouses • The contribution made by each spouse during the marriage (it includes child care and homemaking as well) • The contribution one spouse has made to his or her better half’s education and career • Source of income each spouse has • How long the receiving spouse needs to be self sufficient

Considering these factors help the court to come to a decision that is fair to both the spouses. In order to get a fair verdict it is crucial to take every step carefully as spousal support law in Florida is quite complicated. So the best thing to do is to look for Florida Spousal Support Attorneys. Hiring an attorney will make sure that you get a fair deal.

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by Meeghan Shay



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