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Focus on your habits, not the goals

  • By Charlie Browning
  • Published 01/17/2013

A diet plan may seem like it’s just a means to an end. The end usually being weight loss, more energy, and better health – that’s the idea anyway. It’s important to have goals and focus on what you want to get out of your new plan eventually, but maybe it’s the wrong way of looking at things.

When a person gets too goal oriented, they may lose sight of a very important fact: It’s not enough to get the results you want, you’ll also want to keep those results! A tragically common occurrence is that sometimes people do indeed lose weight following a diet plan, but then they go back to their old habits lose everything they worked so hard for.

To get lasting results, you need lasting behaviors which we commonly refer to as habits. Changing habits may seem like an uphill battle, but with a 3 step process, even lifelong junk-food diet eaters can transform themselves into lifelong healthy eaters.

First, change your self-image. Tell yourself “I am a healthy eater.” “I eat healthier and healthier food each day.” Or whatever affirmations help you realize that eating well is a natural way of life for you from now on.

Second, realize you’re already “on” a diet. All you need to do is start making substitutions of one dietary choice for a better choice. Water in place of soft drinks or steamed vegetables in place of french fries for instance.

Third, take on changes gradually. Simply choose one dietary habit you’d like to change a month, and only focus on that. Making gradual changes keeps you from getting overwhelmed and ensures you have enough willpower to succeed. Once the new habit is in place, you’ll find you won’t need willpower to make it stick and you can move onto changing another dietary habit.

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