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Focusing On The Content When Writing Articles

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 05/26/2009
  • Article Writing

By not focusing on providing the reader or potential reader of your article when you are busy with the article writing phase of your online marketing activity you are essentially risking losing the interest of the reader, which will result in them not clicking through to your site, which may well be the primary goal of this article writing exercise. One has to consider the end reader and determine whether or not your content is relevant to what you as a business person want to convey to the prospective client out there. This can be accomplished by asking yourself the relevant questions whilst article writing that will in fact provide the answers, or parts thereof to your reader, so that he or she may click through for the product that you are selling. Consider the fact that the reader is more likely to be interested in what you have to say because they have searched for the information and are looking to solve their problem.

Besides providing valid content when article writing, the other benefit of such content is linked to search engine optimization techniques, which are in turn the effective use of keywords throughout your articles. By using selective keywords in your articles you will be providing the search engines the ability to pick up those keywords that

will serve to rank your article and the website in the search engine results, and which will have the benefit of generating more organic traffic to your website, and to think all by effective article writing. Therefore by conducting the article writing activity correctly you will gain exposure via the people that are reading your articles, as well as generating traffic to your website via the search engines. And as stated above some people expect this to happen overnight, and the truth be told it doesn’t, it takes an amount of time and effort on your part, however it remains one of the most cost effective means of online marketing that we know of today so it shouldn’t be overlooked as a value added tool in your marketing arsenal.

For those that are not promoting businesses or products on the internet, an opportunity exists for selling their articles or article writing skills. A number of freelance sites are available whereby you could market your skills and generate additional income by contracting to people in need of article writers. This is largely due to the fact that many people cannot write for whatever reason, some do not enjoy it and others merely have a mental block against article writing or even sales copy. Hence another benefit of article writing for you to consider, which can also be further exploited by making private label packages for online marketers.



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