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Follow These Resume Writing Tips

  • By Adriana Noton
  • Published 02/15/2011
  • Writing

There many ways to stand out from the crowd when applying for a job especially by using resume writing tips that will make an employer take notice. Hiring managers receive hundreds of job applications every day and they do not have time to go through each one with a magnifying glass. Hiring managers are looking for job applications that stand out from all the rest of applications in their pile which is why writing the best resume possible is essential. It is important to make one’s curriculum vita stand out but it is not a good idea to use weird fonts or bright colored paper because such methods will distract and not attract the hiring manager’s attention. Use simple fonts like Aerial and use bold typeset for headings in order to draw attention to specific categories. Some people like to use special bonded paper which is fine but in most cases standard paper with ninety percent brightness is appropriate. The paper that is used is no where near as important as what is printed on the paper. It is all right to use larger fonts when creating the headlines but do not make the category listings the size of newspaper headlines. It is important to keep the information on one single page and larger fonts will take up a lot of room which might make it necessary to eliminate important information.

Make sure that all of the text is aligned correctly so that the left side of the page lines up properly even if a template has to be used to line up the page. Keyword optimization might be a term used primarily in internet marketing but it is important to use proper keywords when creating a curriculum vita as we

ll because many larger companies use software to route job applications to the proper hiring manager. If the job opening is for a computer programmer make sure that the words computer programmer are placed in strategic parts of the job application. Write with action verbs and avoid using passive language so that the words jump off the page. Look at the job description and use words in the application that coincide with the job duties the employer is looking for. Action words stand out whereas passive language bores the reader and this is no time to bore the hiring manager. List accomplishments and work history in a general way so that the hiring manager can ask about the details during the interview. Resumes are ways to get an interview and are not meant to provide all of the details a hiring manager needs to make a hiring decision. Give just enough information to get the point across but make the manager interested enough to want to learn more about the applicant. Once the curriculum vita is complete and ready to send out to prospective employers exercise some patience and have someone take a look at it first. If a friend works as a hiring manager or even in a human resources capacity have her review it and ask for an honest opinion. At least compare it to professionally written resumes available on line before sending it out to employers.

It goes without saying that it is a very competitive job market and it is important to catch the hiring manager’s attention with a properly filled out job application. Following these resume writing tips will increase a job applicant’s chances of landing an interview. The curriculum vita is used to get a job interview so it must be concise, to the point, and attention grabbing.



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