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Follow Up on Bond Handwritten Notes


Bond Handwritten Note Envelope

A few days ago we featured Bond Handwritten Notes that are written with a real pen and ink, but with a robot that mimics actual human handwriting.  On their site they offer a chance to get a sample of one of their handwritten robot notes for free in the mail so I filled out their form so I could get one and see it in person for myself.  Above is the envelope that it came in which is also written with their automated robot handwriting pen.  To be totally honest, although the quality looks great, the envelope itself definitely jumped out as being an attempt at trying to pass automated handwriting as real human handwriting.   Not really a knock on the quality of the offering, but just an observation, its hard to completely pass off  robot handwriting as real human handwriting.


Bond Handwritten Note

The Bond handwritten note comes on some pretty nice stock that measures 7 inches by 5 inches with a matte finish and a slight bit of texture to it.  Obviously the “Acme.co” name at the top is just a generic placeholder that serves as a reminder that you can have these branded with your company name or your own personal brand or personalization.  The ink is a pretty nice looking blue that is darker than the Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts that I’ve been using lately.  There doesn’t appear to be any feathering or smearing of the ink on the paper.


Back of Bond Handwritten Note

Not much to talk about on the flip side of the 5×7 Bond handwritten card.  You can spruce it up with your own image and or branding as you can see above.  It definitely looks good in person, and is probably about as good quality as you can expect from non-glossy photo paper.  No bleed-through from the ink on the other side either if anyone was wondering about that.  With the thickness of this stock though I think that would be nearly impossible.


Bond Handwritten Close Up

So here is a little closer look at some of the printing and the signature on the card.  This is a nice touch because as someone that prints instead of writes in script, I like the distinction between the text of the note thats printed vs. the actual signature in script. One of the interesting things I noted right away was that in the closing where it says “Best” with a capital “B” that “B” is distinctly different from the “B” in the word “Bond” which is found at the very end of the Sonny’s signature.  I think this goes a long way in making it look more genuine and not as much like an automated note.  I quickly picked up on this since my name is Brian, I tend to obsess over how I write my “B” sometimes, kind of like some other Pen Addicts obsess over similar things.


Bond Handwritten Note Scan

Now this is a scan of the Bond handwritten robot note, so if you click on it you can see it much closer and in more granular detail to really analyze the writing. If you look at the two words “handwritten” in the different places it appears above you can even see slight differences in things like the “a” and the “d” where they are very similar, but slightly different which helps give it a more realistic look.  One thing that I was shown in the past to pick out robo-signatures was to look at where the letters “i” and “j” are dotted.  They are almost always identical in positioning, which is obviously not a realistic human trait for most writing.  In this case there seems to be two different versions of how the “i” is dotted.  Version one is a more elongated dot that tilts slightly to the left and appears slightly to the left of the “i” as you see in the word “handwriting” above.  The second version of the “i” appears in the word “sides” “size” where the dot is more of a round dot and almost directly over the body of the “i” although at slightly different heights. Overall though, I think that these Bond Handwritten Notes are well done and pretty nice.  They would definitely make a great marketing communication for your business or be a good way to do something like a wedding invitation.  Someone that is going to be super critical and looking at this closely will probably be able to pick out small details that tell you its a mass produced item, but using your own handwriting as an option will help to diffuse some of that I think.

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