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Follow Up Write Dudes Metallic Permanent Markers


Write Dudes Metallic Markers

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Write Dudes Metallic Permanent Markers, and based on a comment /question from reader Joelle, I decided a quick follow up was in order.  I’m glad Joelle asked the question which prompted this follow up post because it exposed something new about these markers to me that we never would have caught otherwise.


Write Dudes Metallic Permanent Markers Writing Sample

So here is the question from Joelle on the previous post:


In short, this writing sample above was done on  12″ x 18″ black construction paper and there was absolutely no bleeding or feathering, and there was no show through on the back of the paper either.  It does also look a bit more flat and not shiny as compared to the black plastic notebook cover that we wrote on with these before.

The disturbing thing that I noticed though is what you can see if you look closer at the gold writing sample in the above picture.  The gold Write Dudes Metallic Permanent Marker one was the only one out of the bunch that somehow dried out in the last few weeks since I did the review.  Now its definitely possible that maybe the cap wasn’t 100% secure and closed when I put these away after the last review, but I really don’t think that was the case.  Anyway, I just wanted to get Joelle’s question answered to make sure the review covered everything our readers wanted to know.  In summary though, these Write Dudes Metallic permanent markers are a pretty solid performer when writing on either black plastic or black construction paper as shown here.  There aren’t a ton of choices for metallic permanent markers, so don’t hesitate to grab yourself a set and let us know if you experience the same results as we did here.

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