Foot Tattoo Designs for Women

Throughout history, women’s feet have been depicted as dainty and one of the most feminine parts of the body. Tattoos for this area are usually meant to enhance it as well as depict something meaningful to the wearer.

When it comes to tattoos, the foot is one of the most high-maintenance parts of the body. Foot tattoos require more care due to rubbing of shoes and generally do not last as long as other tattoos. These tattoos are subject to blurring over time, and are also one of the more painful areas to get a tattoo.

However, those that have gotten tattoos on their feet rarely regret the choice. Tattoos in this area can easily be hidden at work, and can be displayed by wearing sandals in the summer.

For those that want a tattoo design that is dainty and feminine in appearance, the picture does not necessarily have to be feminine itself. Nearly any design or picture can be made more feminine by thinning the outlines and changing the coloring. In general, smaller tattoos with thin outlines are highly recommended for the feet.

Popular choices for women’s tattoos include flowers, vines, and a combination of the two. Many flowers have symbolic meanings or traditions associated with them. For instance, the ancient Chinese believed the lotus flower symbolized purity and perfection, while the chrysanthemum was considered good luck.

Other nature-inspired tattoos for women are “girlie” bugs and insects such as butterflies, ladybugs, bumblebees, and dragonflies. These are often paired with flowers as well.

Foot tattoos found on the internet include leopard spots on the feet and arms and a multicolored peacock feather tattooed just below the ankle on the flat of the foot.

Others look to outer space for tattoo inspiration: stars, planets, comets, or other astronomical bodies.

Common designs for women’s tattoos include angels or fairies. However, these do not have to be the stereotypical creatures of religion or myth. Talk to a tattoo artist. He or she can design one that reflects your personality.

You could even take a new twist to the classic angel/fairy designs by taking inspiration from paintings and sketches through history. A different drawing or painting style can radically change the appearance of your tattoo.

Another idea is using a goddess or muse from ancient mythology instead. Each muse and goddess were symbolic of certain elements, such as the Greek goddess Athena, known for beauty and strength.

Those interested in tribal designs can easily have their tattoo made more feminine by asking your tattoo artist to thin down the outlines and rounding more of the sharp angular edges (these edges are usually seen as masculine or harsh).

For a more exotic tattoo, one can look at Asian artwork and traditional henna tattoos for inspiration. These detailed and beautiful tattoos can be very feminine and delicate in appearance.

Those interested in tattooing words, beware. Make sure your tattoo reads exactly what you want. Quite often, people will get tattoos written in a foreign language without researching their meanings. The result is a tattoo that translates as something altogether different or does not translate at all.


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